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Frequently Asked Questions

For the Borrower

Yes. If you have a change of circumstance (such as a different day of the month on which you get paid) and want to change your payment date this is possible by calling into the team on 01225 941 941

Yes. You can opt out of marketing communications at any time simply reply STOP to a marketing text message. Alternatively you can email or call us and we will put the opt out in place for you. Please note, this does not opt you out of the collections process which may include communications by sms/telephone/email.

Yes, you are able to settle the outstanding balance on a loan early. We will calculate the outstanding balance and interest and provide a settlement figure on request.  Please contact us to discuss by calling 01225 941941

Yes. At any time before the final Repayment is due, you may pay off the remainder of your loan. You must give us written notice and in the case of full settlement, must tell us the date on which you wish settle your account.
We will send you a statement setting out the amount that you owe and the applicable rebate of interest to which you are entitled.

Write to us:

George Banco, Epsom Court, First Floor, White Horse Business Park, Trowbridge, BA14 0XF. 

Email us:
Existing customers: [email protected]
New customers: [email protected]
Collections Dept: [email protected]

Telephone us: 01225 941941 Monday – Friday: 9am – 5.30pm

On the top banner of the George Banco website www.georgebanco.com click the My Account icon. The Login screen allows you to access your account after you put in your Username and Password. 

If you have a complaint, please contact us with the details at:

Email: [email protected]
By Post: Complaints Department, George Banco, Epsom Court, First Floor, White Horse Business Park, Trowbridge, BA14 0XF. 

Telephone: 01225 941941

When we are in receipt of your complaint we will deal with it promptly, effectively and in a positive manner. Our Complaint Process is published on our website. https://www.georgebanco.com/complaints-procedure

We always try to collect a due payment from you first. If your account is in arrears your guarantor will be informed.

Yes, George Banco is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. (www.fca.org.uk)

If you find yourself in a difficult situation at any time, make sure you get in contact with us. We will try and work out a solution with you over the phone. Your account manager will make every effort to find a way to overcome the problem without having to contact your Guarantor. However, if we cannot come to a resolution, it is only then your Guarantor will be asked to make that month’s payment.

As with all loans, it's your responsibility to fully meet your payment obligations. If a payment is not made on the arranged date, we will initially contact you to help resolve any issues and arrange for the collection of the missed payment.

In the event that you are unable to fully meet your obligations and your loan is supported by a guarantor, your guarantor will become liable to make any outstanding payments on your behalf.

Failure to meet your payment obligations could affect the ability for you and your guarantor (if applicable) to obtain credit in the future.

Outstanding payments could result in legal action and your debt passed to a collections agency.

For further information, please call us 01225 941941 or visit moneyadviceservice.org.uk.

George Banco uses World Pay to validate your identity. A 0.0p  test entry is submitted to perform initial card ID verification checks in accordance with UK regulations. This also protects George Banco and our customers from any potential, irregular misuse of the card.

This will contribute to and assist the accuracy and speed of the application process and pay out, once final acceptance has been given. There will be no formal authorisation of any kind, held against your credit limit at this stage of the application process.

In the event that your application is successful, George Banco uses World Pay to collect your monthly payments using your Continuous Payment Authority.

Before the loan is confirmed George Banco will provide information to the guarantor as well as contracts which detail their responsibilities. If the account is kept up to date and all repayments made on time we don’t have a reason to contact the guarantor. However, should the account fall into arrears we will notify both the borrower and the guarantor as soon as we are able. We always try to sort out late payments with the borrower first but if we cant get hold of the borrower or make a suitable arrangement for repayment, we will contact the guarantor to let them know and then, if we have not had payment from the borrower we will collect payment from the guarantor.

For the Guarantor

Yes, please contact our George Banco Customer Service team on 01225 941 941.

If the loan has not been paid out, you can stop the process by contacting us by telephone (01225 941941) during office hours Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30 pm.

You may change your mind up to 14 days after the monies have been paid out.
You will need to telephone us within the 14 days cancellation period on 01225 941 941.
Once you have given us notice of your intention to withdraw from this Agreement, you must pay us, the original sum provided under the Agreement.

If you have already paid the money to the borrower the loan would need to be fully repaid or settled early by the borrower (or you) in order for us to release you from being guarantor.

No, the loan will not automatically show up on the guarantors credit file.

The only circumstances that the loan will show up on a guarantor credit file is in the event that the loan is subject to a Notice of Default which is followed by court action taken by George Banco as it attempts to recover the debt. Where the court rules that the borrower or guarantor is liable to pay but they still do not pay, after 28 days the court will record the judgement on their file.In this circumstance this information must be reported to the Credit reference Agencies.

For the full length of the agreement or until the balance has been paid in full.

Yes of course, we will always keep you up-to-date on how the loan is being managed by the borrower.

Only if we do not receive repayments on time from the account holder. We make sure a borrower can afford the loan beforehand, but if their circumstances change and they cannot make that month’s payment, we will ask you to pay it instead. You will only become liable for the full balance if the borrower stops paying completely.

No – providing the borrower (or if needed you) make the monthly repayments until the loan is repaid, there will be no effect on your credit rating. The loan is registered in the applicant’s name – not yours.

The loan is registered in the applicant’s name – not yours. Our initial check that verifies you as a suitable Guarantor is NOT recorded or visible on your credit file. We undertake a soft search on your credit file but this won’t affect your credit score.


This is the interest charged on the loan. The APR reflects the annual cost of borrowing the money and is designed to make it easier to compare a quotation from one lender against another.

If you fail to make your agreed monthly repayment, your account will be in arrears.  This will be recorded on your credit file and in turn may or may not make it more difficult to obtain credit in future. When you are in arrears we will seek to help you catch up with the missed payment as soon as possible and try to work with you.  We will contact your guarantor for payment after providing the required notice .

A Broker may introduce potential borrowers to lenders. In there case of George Banco we  work with a number of trusted partners who provide Broker services. They provide us with potential borrowers whom we then assess and assist through the loan application process.

Continuous Payment Authority

When taking out the credit agreement we will ask you to give us a continuous payment authority (the “CPA”) so that we can collect payments falling due under the credit agreement from you.  Payments will be charged to the debit card to which the CPA relates.

The payments we may collect using the CPA can include any outstanding repayments, default fees and other charges falling due under the credit agreement (a “Payment”). Where more than one repayment is due when we attempt to collect a Payment, we will exercise the rights under the CPA to collect the full amount outstanding and, if that is not successful, one repayment. Other than set out below, we will not attempt to collect a Payment, or part Payment, unless we agree this with you at the time.

You can cancel the CPA by either contacting us on 01225 941 941 or by contacting your debit card provider. If you do contact your debit card provider, then you should tell us. If you cancel, you will remain liable for all sums due under the credit agreement and will have to pay by some other method.

The way in which we will use the CPA is as follows.

On the repayment date, we will make up to two attempts to collect the Payment.

If we are unable to collect the full Payment on the due date, then we will use the CPA to make two further attempts to collect the full Payment on the next working day. If we are still unable to collect the full Payment, we will use the CPA to make two further attempts to collect the full Payment on each Friday following the repayment date and on the last working day of the month while you remain in arrears. We will also contact both you and your Guarantor by telephone, SMS text message, letter or email regarding the missed Payment and to determine whether you are in financial difficulties.

We will cease to use the CPA in the manner provided above in any of the following circumstances: 1) You pay the full outstanding balance; 2) You cancel the CPA; 3) You and we agree to an alternative repayment plan; 4) You are confirmed to be in financial hardship; or 5) your Guarantor pays the balance due. However, the CPA rights and obligations, as set forth in the credit agreement, will apply to any subsequent due date(s) that you and we agree to, such as any due dates agreed to as part of an alternative repayment plan.


You may change your mind, without penalty, before the end of 14 days beginning with the day after the monies being loaned have been paid out. This is the cooling off period.

You will need to telephone us on 01225 941 941, or write to us at: George Banco, Epsom Court, First Floor, White Horse Business Park, Trowbridge, BA14 0XF. Once you have given us notice of your intention to withdraw from this Agreement, you must pay us, the Amount of Credit provided under the Agreement.

The Credit History held by one of the credit agencies will hold information about your personal credit record, usually this includes significant financial events for up to 6 years. These include loans, repayment patterns, instances of falling into arrears on a loan, being defaulted and so on. Its an important source of information for all potential lenders.

As a lender George Banco uses information to help it make responsible decisions about lending money. One of these is the credit file. A credit file is held by the credit reference agencies which hold information collected from other lenders about a previous or existing loan. Information about:
An existing /live loan normally remains on the credit reference agency file until any the account is settled or closed and for up to six years after that.
A defaulted account may show on your credit file for six years from the date of default. When the debt is repaid the entry on your credit file should be marked as settled or satisfied.

An arrangement to pay may show on your credit file. The length of time this remains on your file depends on the terms of the arrangement agreed with the lender.

Search Information may also show on your credit file. When a "search" has been carried out this may show on your file. This information may remain on your file for one or two years depending on the credit reference agency.

More information about the information held by credit reference agencies is available from:

Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, WIlmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF. email : [email protected] website ico.org.uk

Your credit score and rating reflect your history of borrowing and the likelihood of you making repayments should you borrow again. The higher your score the more likely you are to be seen as a lower risk.

The credit score is based on historic record of an individual's credit file. It is used as one of the indications of a person's creditworthiness. Many lenders will use the score to evaluate the probability that a person repays his debts.

Please note that lenders don’t make their decision just on the basis of your credit score. They will review an application consider many different things in addition to help them assess your creditworthiness. This means that a high score doesn’t automatically lead to credit approval in all cases and vice versa with a low score.

In order to assess your suitability for a loan a lender such as George Banco will look at your credit file in order to find information about your credit history and any current outstanding loans you may have. Obtaining this credit file is defined as a " credit search".

Defaulting on a loan means failing to make the agreed repayments at the agreed dates against that loan. Defaulting on a loan will have a negative affect on your credit file and may make it more difficult to obtain credit in the future. 

If you fail to pay any Repayment by its due date we may require you to pay us interest at the rate stated on any overdue amount, from its due date until its receipt by us, after as well as before any judgment.

At any time before the final Repayment is due, you have a right to pay off some or all that you owe us. You must give us verbal or written notice that you wish to make earlier repayment and, in the case of full settlement, must tell us the date on which you wish to settle. You can contact us at the address shown for us above or on 01225 941 941.

For full settlement, we will send you a statement setting out the amount that you owe and the minimum rebate to which you are entitled under the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

The Financial Conduct Authority is the organisation who regulate the financial industry. One of their primary goals is to make sure that a business does not act improperly or break any of the rules applicable to their activities in the financial industry. 

This is an organisation which will investigate the complaints of customers who make a complaint against a business which provides a financial service. Usually the business will seek to remedy and resolve a complaint between themselves and the customer, however customers have the right to apply to the Financial Ombudsman if they are not satisfied by the response provided by the business.

A rate of interest which is fixed and will not change during the lifetime of the loan.

A formal agreement, which is legally binding, to be responsible for another persons debt or obligations in the event that they are unable to make a repayment. So in the case of a person acting as guarantor on a loan, they will become responsible for making the missed payment(s) on behalf of the borrower if the borrower misses one or more of the scheduled  repayments.

The person who provides a Guarantee. The guarantor on a George Banco loan will agree to be responsible for making the missed payment(s) on behalf of the borrower if the borrower misses one or more of the scheduled  repayments. George Banco will assess the application of a possible guarantor to make sure that they are suitable and understand their responsibilities.

A Guarantor loan is a quick and simple option. All you need is a friend or family member who knows and trusts you, and who can act as a Guarantor for you in the unforeseen circumstance that you were to miss a payment. A Guarantor loan is a financial agreement between a Lender, a Borrower and a Guarantor.

If you have previously been turned down for credit, George Banco may be able to help!

We offer Guarantor Loans from £1,000 to £15,000 at representative 49.7% APR (fixed) to UK residents who may not have been able to gain credit from mainstream lenders. These loans are repayable in fixed monthly instalments over terms of 12 to 60 months.

Simply apply online today and you could have money in your nominated Guarantor's account the same day. Call us on 01225 941 941 for more information.

A charge may be applied by some lenders if a borrower fails to make the agreed payment on the agreed date.
Currently George Banco does not apply a Late payment charge.

The duration of a loan is the Loan term. In the case of George Banco loans, the loan term is  between 12 and 60 months.

The date on which a loan term ends or is expected to end is called the maturity date.

The income you receive after deductions of tax, national insurance, student loan or other deductibles.

The pre-contract document is labelled 'Important Information About Your Loan'. Please read it carefully as it covers some key features and risks of your agreement. It also contains information on the 'Terms and Conditions' of the loan and an explanation on 'How We Use Your Information'.

The document can also be found in your George Banco online account under the 'Documents' tab. You can access these documents by visiting your account section

Upon passing our credit checks (which include third party checks), you will receive another email and text from George Banco containing your loan contract labelled, 'Fixed Sum Loan Agreement'. That email will advise how to accept the terms of your contract to receive your funds and how to apply your eSignature, once you are comfortable to do so.

The interest is calculated on a daily basis. The rules which we apply to early settlements are those set out by the Consumer Credit Act and which are designed to protect consumers.

For full settlement, we will send you a statement setting out the amount that you owe and the minimum rebate to which you are entitled under the Consumer Credit Act 1974. When you make a partial payment, we will firstly use it to pay any arrears, overdue interest or charges. We will then work out any rebate to which you are entitled and the balance of the early repayment and any rebate will be applied to reduce the term of the Agreement.

You can call us on 01225 941941 and ask for our Settlements team who will be glad to assist you.

The full amount which you will have to repay on your loan is called the Total Charge for Credit and includes the interest payable and any other fees and charges. This figure is stated on the Fixed Sum Loan Agreement issued for each loan.

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