How You're Overspending Without Realising It Empty Pockets Image

How You Can Be Overspending Without Realising It

Do you ever have some banknotes in your pocket and suddenly, maybe a day or two later, it’s mysteriously all gone, even though you didn’t use it for anything useful? This is a sure sign you might be losing out in a few key areas, and be overspending when you might as well not be – here are some of the biggest reasons for this.

Overspending On Food

Impulse buying junk food when you’re restless can decimate your pocket money, plus also, you end up eating a load of junk food. Try to avoid going to the store when you’re hungry, or have a lot of time to spare – this will help minimise this spending habit.

How You're Overspending Without Realising It Peanuts ImageIf you are about to buy food while hungry, consider going to the park and eating a snack brought from home there before heading to the shops. This will help alleviate the ‘eyes bigger than your stomach phenomenon’. Also, nobody will question the fact you’re in the park eating a sandwich on a bench.

Another pointer – stock up on cheap bulk snacks and bring them with you on journeys instead of spending loads at petrol stations on food and drink. If you commute or drive a lot this is a big way you end up cashless by Friday.

Overspending On Household Products

Brand name washing up liquid is not necessary. Memorise this concept and live by it. Own brand detergents, shampoos, or even the economy options can and will both work and save you money.

In fact, there are several cleaning products that have multiple uses, and that are also available in ‘economy’ wrappers. Take advantage of stuff like cheap floor cleaner, because it can be used on your surfaces, as long as you make sure everything is properly scrubbed and your utensils are well-washed, there’s no need for any additional antibacterial sprays.

You can also minimise your laundry expenditure too by avoiding additional extras like fabric softener, scented dryer sheets and other accessories, and sticking to economy or supermarket brand powder or liquid.

There’s even more potential for saving in the bathroom. A great strategy is to forgo some of the more complicated products like shower gel for simple soap – organic soaps last for ages and are great for the skin, and for hair, depending on the ingredients.

Overspending On Disposable Junk

When you think about it, pretty much every throwaway product has a more archaic cousin which will end up saving you money, even though it may require a little more time or effort in using, especially if you’re feeling a little creative.

How You're Overspending Without Realising It Junk ImageOld clothes can make good service as dishrags or for mopping spills in the same manner as paper towels, and can be washed for re-use. Clothes themselves can be repaired, taken to charity shops, and found, swapped or bought second hand in so many ways that save you money.

If you think outside the box a bit, there’s huge potential to save by just putting some thought into it – and it’s not as if people are going to judge you for it, because as much as we may protest, we are in a new modern age where being thrifty is becoming essential. In terms of waste, it’s better to reduce, reuse and recycle now more than ever, especially to save.