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Using Household Objects to Help you Work Out at Home

In this blog we are investigating ways in which you can exercise whilst staying indoors by using household objects to help you work out at home.

It’s fair to say that in this extended period of being locked down, many of us have visited the fridge a little more than we used to. In turn, this has led to slight weight increases. In our ordinary lives many of us would have paid a couple of visits per week to the gym or gone for family days out where we would have walked all day. However, being stuck inside our homes watching Netflix or sat in front of a laptop has reduced our usual daily step count from 10,000 to less than 6000.

So in order to do our best to keep that lockdown weight to a minimum we have looked at few ways in which you can use up some of those calories and put them to good use.

The first and most obvious one for many people is the stairs. By walking up the stairs and back down again is a great way of increasing the heart rate and getting the blood pumping. It doesn’t have to be all day but perhaps repetitions of 10 times up and down the stairs is achievable, and will make a difference, if even just a small one. Then rest for 2 minutes allowing your muscles to recover, repeat the 10 repetitions again up and down the stairs and then rest.

The next thing we can do indoors is to use things like 1.5 litre or 2 litre drink bottles filled with water, or cans of paint as weights to add resistance to a light workout.

Simple exercises you can undertake with the weights are movements like lunges. Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, you take one step forward whilst keeping your other foot in place and lunge. Then stand back up and repeat with the other leg. Do this ten times for each leg and then rest for two minutes to let the legs recover and then repeat the exercise again.

You can also lie with your back flat on the floor and do reverse push ups. Lie on the floor and hold a bottle in each hand with your arms bent, then push the bottle up until your arm is straight and then slowly lower them back down. You can repeat this ten times and then rest for two minutes. Repeat this again and then rest.

Another exercise you can do with the paint cans or water bottles is to stand with your feet shoulder width apart and hold the bottles (one in each hand) just above your shoulders. Then you push up until your arms are straight, and then lower them slowly back down to your shoulder. Do this ten times and then rest for two minutes. Then you repeat again for a second set of repetitions, followed by rest.

The last indoor exercise we are looking at using household objects to help you work out at home are dips.

To do a dip you will need a chair or a sofa. Sit on the edge of the seat and place your hands on the edge of the seat then slide your body off the seat forwards so that your arms are supporting your body weight. Then you lower your body down to the floor and then push your body back up. Repeat this ten times followed by a two minute rest. Then repeat the process again for a second set of reps.

By this time you should be feeling like you have exerted yourself and burnt off a few calories.

If you can manage to complete this small set of exercises two or three times a week you should start to notice a difference in your physique and it will hopefully help you to do a simple workout using simple household objects.

Please check with your GP if you have any underlying health issues prior to undertaking any exercise regimes.

Hopefully business will return to normal soon but until then stay strong and stay safe. 

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