6 Simple tips for keeping your Costs down and saving money when motoring Image

For many people motoring costs have been low whilst our cars have been sat in our driveways doing very little during this pandemic. However, with restrictions being lifted and a lot of us returning to our places of work those costs are about to shoot right back up to pre-pandemic levels.

In our latest blog we take a quick look into a few tips that might just save you some pennies or even some pounds over the coming months.

Find the Cheapest Fuel in Your Area

Head on over to the petrolprices.com website and register for a free account. You’ll need an email address to get started.

Firstly you create your account, then enter your postcode and up will pop a list of virtually all the petrol stations near your location. There is a function to add a new station if you know of a petrol station that isn’t listed.

Then you filter your results to show the fuel type, prices, destination and distance from the postcode you entered to each station. There is even an app available on both Android and Apple App stores to check while you are out about. Although obviously don’t do this whilst driving.

Drive Efficiently

Accelerate smoothly and gently. Hammering your foot on the accelerator pedal will simply burn fuel quicker. When you need to slow down, if it is safe to do so, try to naturally slow down using your gears rather than always using the brakes. This means that you won’t be just turning the energy you have generated from accelerating into heat via the brake pads. It’s also a good idea to give yourself plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front so you don’t have to keep hitting the brakes every time their brake lights come on.

Use your Gears Efficiently

Try not to leave your gear changes till the last second. Gear up a gear as soon as you can without labouring the engine. You won’t be able to accelerate as quickly but as per the last tip, quick acceleration isn’t good for fuel efficiency anyway.

Keep your Tyres Pumped up to the Suggested Pressure

If your tyres are too flat they will create more rolling friction, meaning that it will take more fuel to achieve the same distance as if they were at the correct pressure. However, if your tyres are too hard then they will pull out of shape when rolling and wear the tyres out quicker in a strip down the centre.

Keep your Car Tidy

Are you one of those people who store things in your car? If you are, then you can save yourself money by having a clear out. This is because your car will consume more fuel if it is heavier so just by not storing excess stuff in the car you will save a few pennies by not having to visit the pump as often.

Never Auto-renew your Insurance Policy

It is widely known that if you auto-renew your car insurance you’ll end up paying more than if you did a little shopping around. Perhaps have a look on the various price comparison sites available before you make a decision. Have a Google search for Money Supermarket, Go Compare, Compare the Market, to name a few. It may even be worth having a look for some of the bigger brands that don’t associate with comparison portals, such as Aviva or DirectLine, as they may have even better deals going direct with them.

These are just a few of the ways in which you could save money when motoring. We hope it helps you keep the costs down.