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Save Money Travelling Within The UK – Tips And Tricks

In this blog we look at simple ways to save money whilst travelling in the UK. A lot of the time we have to head out on long journeys within the United Kingdom, whether it be to see family, run errands, do business, or just see the sights. There are so many ways to travel, but when you’re on a budget things can often seem daunting, and massively expensive. Here are some hints that might just help reduce costs when you’re on the move.

Book In Advance

Public transport is just about the most expensive it has ever been in 2016, with fees and fares shooting up as private companies consolidate their hold on previously state owned bus and train companies. One of the best ways to avoid being presented with a huge travel bill is to book in advance. There are dozens of sites which aim to make your entire journey, so a little optimistic research can work wonders for your budget.

Consider The Coach

It’s not the best way to travel, or the quickest, the company might not be great and it could leave you feeling a little carsick, but when it comes to travel on a budget the long distance coach companies really get you where you need to go. The difference between a coach and a bus is immediately obvious, and the drawbacks are reportedly lessening. Plus the costs are well below those of the train – although your journey can take hours more and the views aren’t as interesting. Special mention to cheap air fare if you’re going a really long way. It’s more difficult but don’t rule it out.

Share The Ride

If you’ve got a car and are going anywhere far for any reason at all, tell your friends and offer them a seat for a petrol donation – it’s more economic, makes for a more fun journey (road trip!), and can save you feeling lonely and isolated on your own in London traffic. Even if you’re going somewhere less interesting, you could drop a friend off closer to their desired destination, or pick someone up on the way. Don’t hesitate to utilize that extra space!

Bring Your Friends

Staying overnight in a different place often feels odd, especially if you’re in a Travelodge. But, with your friends that all changes. If you’re visiting, why not make it a weekend mini-break? Split the room costs, get that long business meeting out of the way, and explore. Expanding on the concept of ride-sharing, why not room-sharing? It makes sense and balances out the costs while maximising on the fun. So, you might be in a strange town with no sense of direction, but there is safety in numbers.

Make The Best Of It

No journey is guaranteed to go perfectly. Anything could go wrong, but of course, that leaves so much room to improvise. Whether you’re journeying for serious reasons or not, make the most of your surroundings and the things that you might come across – the adventure that is life keeps unfolding, and you’ll never know what you’ll find if you keep an eye out. Travel safe, travel well, but don’t be afraid to go a little off the beaten track. Bring a tent, pack your bike, take a walk, climb mountains, live outside your comfort zone. Be free.