Personal loans and guarantor loans new video

New Personal Loans and Guarantor Loans Video

If you are reading this blog then you are probably fully aware that George Banco is a UK based direct lender offering unsecured personal loans and guarantor loans for those who have been refused credit via mainstream lenders.

What’s different about our loans compared to other lenders is that we can offer the unique Rate Dropper, where the APR reduces in year two, and again in year three if repayments are on time, which in turn helps rebuild credit histories and future financial stability for our customers.

If at any point throughout the application process an applicant fails the credit checks, we still have the option to offer them a guarantor loan provided the applicant can afford the repayments and has a suitable and responsible guarantor who can support the application. The Rate Dropper reward can still be applied to a guarantor loan customer in the same way as a personal loan customer.

We also have another unique option for customers who make timely repayments whereby if the customer has already qualified for the Rate Dropper in year two, and again in year three, then we have the option to release the guarantor from the agreement, leaving the customer to finish paying the loan at the reduced rate.

So how do we communicate all these fantastic features to prospective customers when they are looking for the right loan provider?

Our solution was to produce a video that runs through all of the key features of a George Banco personal loan or guarantor loan in less than two minutes. Of course our highly trained customer service representatives spend a lot more time than that ensuring all parties are fully informed of all the facts before any loan is approved and released.

This is not our first video but it is our latest so we hope you enjoy it.