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Make Your Drinking Water More Fun With These Ideas

Following up our previous blog looking in to hydration and how it affect us, we are following it up with a few ideas to help make drinking water more interesting.

We appreciate that for some water gets a bit bland, so we’re going to explore the ways your water can be more wonderful – featuring fruits, herbs, and other ways to give a fresh kick to an otherwise tasteless, but necessary, fluid.

Fruity Cubes

For fruit flavour ice cubes that keep your drink cool as well as giving it a tasty aftertaste, try freezing whole segments of small sweet oranges – these will sit in your glass and impart flavour as well as chill the drink. You can also give freezing whole berries in the bottom of an ice cube tray, encasing a cherry or raspberry in ice.

Speaking of frozen berries, you can also find them in bulk bags in certain shops. They can be quite large and mixed bags can even contain frozen melon balls. Throw them straight in for the desired effect.  Simple.


Making a salad in your pitcher or glass works. It’s always good to combine fresh fruits and herbs for instant flavour, especially mint and basil, whose essential oils will deploy pretty quickly. Try parsley also for a fresh tasting garnish.

On top of your herbs, you can always go for classic lemon and lime slices, strawberry chunks, and the always fresh cucumber, which imparts a real freshness to your pitcher. Keep garnishes and fruit salad in an icebox and refill and re garnish as the pitcher empties.

Soaked in Flavour

You can also soak deeper flavours into your water overnight in the fridge. The best way to do this is keep some big plastic bottles handy and recycle them for the purpose. Once they’re cleaned out, fill them up with water and concoct some fruity pieces to drop in.

Pineapple, mango, passionfruit, and basil can work either separately or in any combination you wish to achieve a very fruity water once chilled overnight – the no added sugar benefit makes this method a bit more ‘watertight’ than buying ‘fruity water’ from stores.


Sparkling water is an acquired taste, but is favoured by drinkers as a better way to hydrate alongside wine, as the two merge well into spritzers anyway. But sparkling water is also pretty good on its own if you get a taste for it, and can be added to for more flavours apart from straight from the bottle.

Try adding concentrated fruit pulps or purees, a splash of any fizzy drink of your choice such as Fanta or Sprite, or some pure unsweetened cranberry juice to give your fizzy water an impressive kick. It works great with kids because it lets you dilute sugary drinks. But keep the taste and fizz

Iced Teas

Brewing a herbal tea concentrate, then adding it to fizzy or iced water is also another great way to make your water more tasty. Just infuse boiling water with herbs or teabags of your choice for about 15 minutes, take them out, then allow the mixture to cool overnight with the herbs still present.

Sweet herbs such as ginger and lemongrass work well, but try anything as long as it’s safe and tasty, of course. You can add lemon and sugar to taste as well. Once your tea concentrate is ready, mix it in with fresh or fizzy water to complete the tea recipe and serve cold.