Giraffe Cardboard Head Lock Down Activities Image

Well done everyone. It’s been about two months now that we have officially been in lockdown, longer for some. So in a bid to help you keep your kids happy and occupied we have again been trawling the internet and social platforms for three more ideas to keep the kids occupied whilst in lockdown.

Keep the Kids Fit During the Lock Down

The first of the ideas is based around keeping fit. By now there aren’t too many people who haven’t heard of Joe Wicks, The Body Coach. He has been doing a fantastic job by doing a daily kids workout on his YouTube channel. They are thirty minute sessions that are aimed at children. However, in some cases they can be a little too much for smaller children so we have found a few that are aimed at an even younger audience of between 3 and 7 year olds.

Andy Wild’s Workouts

The most popular is Andy Wild from CBeebies. He has been putting together a range of easy to follow workouts whereby he pretends to travel to various places around the world whilst doing simple to follow exercises in the process. He’s great at keeping the kids attention whilst educating them in a small way throughout the activities.

Click here to check out his videos  

Shaper/Caper – Children’s Capers

Next on our list is from a performance group called Shaper/Capers. They usually charge for their services but during the lockdown they have been running daily videos, which you can access via their Facebook page for free.

You can access their website via this link

Go Noodle Activity & Mindfulness

Go Noodle is our last kid’s workout activity resource. They are fantastic at providing tons of ways for kids and families to stay active and mindful. It is a free resource and they have masses of videos and games kids can play that will keep them happy whilst learning at the same time.

You can access the Go Noodle website via this link

Making Animal Head Masks

This is great idea for those of you that have a build-up of cardboard knocking around your home. You will also need some PVA glue and coloured tissue paper or coloured paint. You will also need some tape and a pair of scissors.

Giraffe Cardboard Head Lock Down Activities Image

We have made a Unicorn and a Giraffe. You draw and cut out a profile of your chosen animal on the cardboard. Then use that first one as a template to create a second identical profile giving you the two sides. Then you cut a long strip of cardboard approximately 5 to 6 inches wide. You then start to tape the strip of cardboard to one side of your animal profile gently folding it to the required shape as you go.

1 Cardboard Unicorn Head Lock Down Activities Main Image

When you have finished the first side you then do the same for the second profile. Ideally you will now have a head mask in the shape of the animal you wanted.

Next is to cut out the eye holes in the right place so that your child can see where they are going when they are wearing their cool animal head mask.

You then either start painting it the base colour you wanted or you take your PVA glue, water it down to thin out the glue out a little and then start gluing the tissue paper to your animal mask. Using tissue paper and glue actually gives the mask strength when the glue dries which helps it last longer.

Once it has dried, you can then decorate it using coloured pens or bits of cut out cardboard.  It’s up to you how creative you and your children get.

It’s a great idea to keep them and you busy for a while, and to make something they will remember, and all using things you would have only thrown out for recycling.

Paper & Straws Pick-Up Game

The last idea in this post is the paper and straws pick-up game. This one is really simple!

You cut up 15 or 20 bits of paper per player. Using different coloured paper for each player helps to keep each player focused on their pieces of paper rather than getting confused.

You then give them each a straw and a bowl. Place the pieces of paper on a table top and spread them out a little in front of each respective player.

The aim of the game is for each player to use their straw to pick up all the pieces of paper and place them in the bowl by sucking them against the straw without using their hands. The winner is the first to get all their pieces in to their bowl in the shortest amount of time.

We hope these activities give you some inspiration and help you keep the kids occupied whilst in lock down.