Three Ideas to keep the Kids Happy Whilst in Lockdown Rainbow Image

It’s no surprise that we have all had a wakeup call when it comes to looking after and schooling our children now that many of the schools and nurseries have closed due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic. In our latest blog we are looking at ideas to keep the kids happy whilst self-isolating in lock down.

Join the Rainbow Movement

Our first idea is to join in with the Rainbow in the Window movement. All over the country children have been making rainbow pictures and placing them in the front windows of their houses to show solidarity and to simply cheers up passers-by when they are out taking their daily exercise.

The rainbows can be as fancy or as simple as you like but it is a good chance to pass the time if you encourage your child and help them to be as creative as they (or you) can be.

We agreed for one of our children to get really creative and to use her hand prints to create her rainbow on a large piece of paper. The result was fantastic. We just need to find window big enough to put it in now!

Make a Stop Motion Mini Movie

This idea is an amazingly simple but an effective way to pass the time and create something that your children will love.

The majority of people now have a smart phone in their household, most of which have the capacity to take videos.

To do this, set up your camera phone in a fixed position. If you haven’t got a smart phone tripod (which many people won’t) you can place a table or chair in front of your mini move set. Then take a big lump of sticky tack, stick the smart phone upright on the top of the sticky tack until it is stable. You have to be careful around the camera not to knock it out of position. Check that your area for the mini movie set is in the frame.

Then you get your child to draw the mini movie back drops and scenery. You then tape or again using sticky tack fix the backdrops in to position.

Perhaps if your child has a dolls house or action figures you can use them in the movie.

Get your child to choose a doll or an action figure to be the star of the movie. They will need to be able to stand up on their own so you can move them to create the motion.

You then start to record a video and take a 1 or 2 second clip then immediately (and gently so as not to move the camera out of position) you press pause. Do not stop the video or you will need to start again. Then move the star of the movie, whether it’s a favourite doll or action figure, a tiny bit forward then press start again for another 1 or 2 seconds, and repeat.

From this point we are sure you get the idea. You can be as creative as you like. Once you have done the first one you will see how easy it is to make a stop motion movie and perhaps get even more creative than the last one. You’ll have budding film director on your hands in no time.

Make a Mini Assault Course

Making a mini assault course is a great way of passing the time whilst keeping children’s minds active. They can be as simple or as complex as you are prepared to be. They don’t have to be military standard. You can use objects like pillows, towels or clothes to layout the course itself and at certain points make a challenge that they have to complete before they can move on.

The challenges can consist of ideas such as crushing up piece of scrap paper into a ball and having to throw it in to a sauce pan from a metre away, balancing a cushion on their heads for ten seconds or even as simple as hopping on one foot for a specified period of time.

Making mini assault courses are a great way of passing the time and can also help the children get a little exercise. Why not time them and encourage them to get better every time they do it? Kids love a challenge!

We hope these three simple but imaginative ideas help to keep your children occupied, engaged and stop you from going crazy in these uncertain times.