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Guarantor Loan for Vet’s Bill to Save Bella the Labrador

Every month we take a look through our catalogue of active George Banco customers and delve a little deeper into their experience with us. In this blog we take a look at Mike and Gareth a mid-thirties couple from Cornwall who was in need of funds and quickly. They needed it to cover the vet’s bill for their beloved Labrador Bella.

Mike and Gareth got Bella when she was just a few weeks old. When they first got her they took out comprehensive insurance covering pretty much every eventuality. It was an expensive policy but it provided piece of mind for the couple should the worst happen.

As the years passed, the couple (like many people) suffered financial issues by way of redundancy amongst other things. They were forced to hugely reduce their outgoings. Eventually they even had to reduce the amount of cover they were paying for Bella. They justified it due to the fact that Bella had never had an issue and hopefully never would.

By the time Bella reached her 6th birthday she was starting to show minor signs of something being wrong. She would sometimes just sit there when they called her for her dinner and on occasion Bella would look at the sofa as though she wanted to get up on it but didn’t.

After about a year of this developing, Mike and Gareth thought enough is enough and agreed they needed to get Bella looked at as soon as possible, so they arranged an appointment at their local vet.

After a full examination the vet diagnosed Bella with hip dysplasia. Sadly it was passed the point of low cost treatments. The vet explained that the treatment for a Labrador with Bella’s stage of hip dysplasia was a full hip replacement. This involved a lengthy surgery and rehabilitation, followed by months of physiotherapy to ensure Bella recovered after surgery.

The vet quoted Mike and Gareth for the cost of the surgery and the post-op treatments and it was in excess of £4000. The couple had to have a frank conversation about Bella’s future and had to weigh up the quality of life she would have if she survived the operation. It wasn’t hard for them to come to the conclusion that Bella was still quite young and was part of their family, so of course they would agree to the surgery.

They now needed to review their current pet insurance policy to see if it covered the level of treatment that Bella would need. It was at that point that they found out that she wasn’t covered for an operation of that magnitude and they would have to find the funds themselves.

Mike had some savings but not nearly enough to cover the operation in full. Gareth also had a small amount of funds in the bank, but even with both pots of money they were still nearly £3000 short of the required amount.

Both Mike and Gareth were determined to find the money no matter what, so they both approached their respective banks. Sadly both were ineligible due to a few late payments on previous loan repayments and Gareth was still paying off a sizable credit card bill.

Gareth and Mike had no idea what they were going to do until a friend said she would lend them the money. They had very little time left to make the decision but felt guilty about taking their friend Claire’s money. They knew it was most of Claire’s savings and didn’t feel right accepting her amazing offer, so they declined. Claire knew how much Bella meant to Gareth and Mike so started she started investigating alternatives on the internet for them to help. She came across George Banco on Facebook and went through to the website for more information. Claire knew that although both Gareth and Mike were proud, that they were desperate to get Bella the operation she needed.

Claire gave us a call and asked what was involved. After a reasonably lengthy call with one of our customer service representative she had gained a full understanding of how George Banco loans worked and was confident she would be accepted if she agreed to be their guarantor. Claire went straight back to the couple and suggested that they apply for a guarantor loan with her as the guarantor.

Mike and Gareth were overjoyed that they now had some hope of raising the funds in time to save Bella.

They accepted Claire’s kind offer and Gareth and Mike went ahead with the application. The loan was agreed later that week and the funds were transferred to Claire’s bank account ready for use.

Bella was scheduled for surgery later that week and thankfully it went well. Mike and Gareth are comfortably making their loan repayments and Bella is making a great recovery.

If you are in a similar position to Mike and Gareth and need to access funds quickly then perhaps you should put in an application to see if you are eligible for a George Banco Guarantor Loan.

Please Note – Specific details have been changed for data protection reasons.