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In our latest blog we are investigating some of the ways you can use a guarantor loan. In this case we are looking to answer the question; can I get a guarantor loan to pay for my wedding?

Weddings are described by many people as the best day of your life and for the vast majority it is, however, the build up to this amazing celebration can be more stressful than initially imagined.

Depending on how complex and detailed you hope your special day will be, there is a lot to organise and arrange. From the venue and the various elements involved in getting that part right, to the rings and the outfits, there are a huge number of moving parts to remember and make sure are ready for the day itself. It can be quite overwhelming.

Of course a good way of starting the whole process is to put together a list of all your needs and wants for your big day. You then proceed by gathering basic costs for each thing. From experience, once you delve into each part that you want incorporated, you start to find additional little extras or additions that you hadn’t thought about at the start of the process. This means that it’s good to make a start with plenty of time in hand. That way you can refine your decisions once you understand the costs and are able to compromise in order to achieve the best results for your budget.

Let’s take the venue for example. The best thing to do is draw up your guest list so that you know how big a venue you need. Then make a shortlist of the ideal venues to gain an understanding of how much they cost and what is provided as part of each package. You need to think about the basics such as food and drink. Some venues will have provisions for a paid bar and will be able to cover the alcohol elements on the day but some don’t. Some rely on you organising an outside party to arrive on the day itself and to have a license which covers them to legally supply alcohol for the period of the festivities.

You will also need to think about flowers, entertainment and the smaller but no less important elements such as table decorations and favours. You will also need to consider your place settings. Some people use a small piece of card with calligraphic names written on them but the range of options is almost limitless. What you need to remember is that they all cost money. Even if you do much of the work yourself the raw materials can sometimes cost more than you had originally imagined.

It’s only once you start putting together the price list of various elements that you want to incorporate in to your wedding day that you realise how expensive weddings can be.

So after you have done the hard word and established your ideal wedding day list with ALL associated costs, you have to work out where you are going to find the money to finance your day of days.

Some people are very lucky and have family to cover the finances of your special day or have money saved away especially but not everyone has that luxury. This then puts a lot of pressure on those involved to find a large sum of money with which to finance your perfect day.

Here at George Banco we have agreed loans for a wide range of people and for a huge variety of reasons, including weddings.

Provided you meet the requirements and most importantly have someone who is happy to act as your guarantor, then we would be happy to consider your application for one of our guarantor loans. If your parents want to help but can’t afford to give you a lump sum, then being a guarantor is a good way for them to be able to do this.

It is worth noting at this point that should you choose to consider a George Banco Guarantor Loan to cover the costs of your wedding, that the lending criteria specifies that currently there is a maximum repayment period of two years.

In order to find out if you would be eligible to apply for a George Banco guarantor loan we have a very detailed list of frequently asked questions to help you understand what is required. Click here to have a read.

We hope the above information helps you understand a little more about what’s involved when planning your big day and answers the question, can I get a guarantor loan to pay for my wedding.

Happy planning!