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Great Job Search Tips That You Can Use Right Now

Finding a job is often challenging, particularly given the current economic climate and the ultra-competitive nature of the job market. Some of us seem more ‘employable’ than others, even though our qualifications and level of experience are roughly the same. Here’s a quick guide to selling yourself a little better to employers with some great job search tips.

Take It Step By Step

When you start out looking for work, focus on the task at hand – the first stage obviously is bringing together a CV and using websites like LinkedIn to make employers aware of your skills. Focus on that as your primary concern before worrying about interview strategies and presentation. Once you do get interviews, you can start thinking about that stage too. Big tasks such as finding work are often easier to accomplish in stages.

Get Proofread

Speaking of your CV it’s often the best strategy to get someone with a lot of work experience to evaluate your work experience – as a former or current employer, job skills advisor or just a family friend who holds a senior company position to read through and discuss this important document with you. They can give you the best tips possible in conjunction with what you read online.

Let Your Intentions Be Known

If you’re looking for a job, you should let as many people know as possible, even to the point it becomes really obvious. Tell friends, family, etc. Spread the word on social media. Get a t-shirt printed which says ‘looking for a job’ or ‘hire me’ and wear it in public. This shows initiative. The more people who know you’re looking for work, the more ‘hidden vacancies’ you might come across, especially the jobs that aren’t openly advertised.

Improve Your Skills

Afternoon, weekend or seasonal classes can help get you a new skill, as well as of course being fun. Even if it’s something slightly unglamorous like spreadsheet skills or other tedious computer stuff, these little nuggets of knowledge can boost your credibility as a well-crafted cog in the business machine. Or you could learn something more interesting like glassblowing or stone sculpting, because it makes you look like a talented individual who has an interesting life outside of work. It’s surprising how much that actually counts.

Be The Best You You Can Be

Spending a couple of days out treating yourself, buying a nice interview outfit, and generally sprucing yourself up before an interview gives you a great boost prior to the big day – as long as you aren’t out exhausting yourself at nightclubs. It’s also important that when you get to your interview you are on top form, smiley and happy – so a little bit of fun beforehand is definitely a good idea. It’s also good that if you get that rejection letter that you can handle it. It’s not the end of the world when you can’t find work, but of course it’s rewarding when you do… even if it means doing something that’s not particularly glamorous. Keep a level head and you should do fine.