When To Get The Best Reductions At Supermarkets

In our latest blog instalment we look in to more ways in which you can save money. This one covers when to get the best reductions at supermarkets.

The reduced label is often something we all hope to see in our local supermarket or grocery store – these often mean a product is still tasty but coming towards the end of its shelf life, and the reductions often come at seemingly odd or random times.

Given that it’s a little hard to find these stickers as and when they are put on items, it’s best to plan ahead and try to find your bargains accordingly. Fortunately, we’ve got some tips for smart shoppers to have a look at.

The ‘Official’ Reduction Times

In an official capacity, supermarkets often keep to guideline times for putting stock on reduced. Usually you’ll see a quarter, half, and three quarters off stickers at different times of day. This varied between shops but usually each different store keeps to these rough guidelines.

When To Get The Best Reductions At Supermarkets Times Table Image

Check The Designated Spots

At our local big Sainsbury’s, there are several points in the store you can find reductions. There is an area in the fresh produce chiller, a wheeled basket shelf near the vegetable aisles, a ‘damaged and clearance’ shelf in a fixed point near the eggs and another wheeled basket shelf at the bakery. All of these include yellow sticker bargains.

If this is anything to go by, it means your local supermarket may also have a few ‘discount zones’ – so try to remember and frequent them accordingly, and hopefully if you match them up with the table above you can catch the best bits.

Ask Around

Store employees are paid to be approachable and nice, and you may be surprised by how willing they may be to let you in on more detailed, situational times they do reductions. Customer service employees may know something, but also a good way to find out more is to spot a colleague who is labelling products and politely ask them about some rough times to check back.

Remember they’re on the job, so be polite and don’t take up too much of their time. You may get a juicy bit of info’ that’ll save you a bit of cash.

Keep A Deals Journal

Speaking from experience, this writer knows the value of having a small notebook and pencil at hand. Keep one on you, and ladies, keep one in your handbag – because every time you find a bargain, or see the next bargains being put out, keep a note of it.

Record the date, the time of day, what sort of item it is, and where it’s being put out. See if it’s a regular occurrence, spot patterns and always ask questions – really put those amateur detective skills to the test, and the results will pay off. Who said shopping had to be boring?