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Couple Looking for Personal Loan for A New Kitchen

Agnes and Pavel are a couple, both in their late thirties who were looking for a personal loan for a new kitchen. It was past the point of saving and had become unusable.

Pavel and Agnes met 10 years ago when Pavel arrived in the UK from Croatia and they got married a couple of years later. Pavel had struggled initially with sporadic work in the first few years but in the last 3 years decided to become self-employed and start his own window cleaning service.  He had a good customer base building up and the business was at the point where he was turning a small profit.

They were home owners due to Agnes owning the house she grew up in with her parents. Her parents were older than most when they had Agnes and had passed away whilst she was in her late twenties. Her parents had left the house, mortgage free, for Agnes to remain living in and help provide for her future in their absence.

The couple had slowly been redecorating the house over a period of years as many of the rooms still had the same wallpaper it had when Agnes was a child. The one room they had wanted to change since they first decided to start the redecoration was the kitchen. Pavel had been patching it up as parts started falling apart, but unfortunately recently some of the wall cupboards had started showing signs of coming away from the walls. Pavel knew these had to be removed and replaced as they had become dangerous. He could remove them with no problems on his own but had no idea what they were going to do about replacing them.

Both Agnes and Pavel were doing OK financially but did not have the thousands of pounds needed to get a qualified fitter to come in and refit a new kitchen. They had checked out all the options and knew that the cheapest possible price going was more than they could afford.

After a trip to the bank they were left a little perplexed as neither of them had had any kind of debt for quite a few years now but were told they would not be accepted for a personal loan. Agnes had a credit card about 7 years ago but had cancelled it and not had a reason to apply for any other kind of credit based account until now. Unfortunately the lack of credit history meant that they would most likely be turned down by most high street lenders. This left them scouring the internet for alternatives.

They started coming across the term guarantor loan and looked into a few providers. The range of interest rates and amounts they could apply for varied greatly. So they applied to the top two providers on the list they had created to see where they would stand. They did hear back from both providers who let them know they would need to add further details to be eligible, one of which was George Banco. It turned out that Agnes and Pavel would need a guarantor to ensure that the loan repayments would be guaranteed should they default for any reason.

Pavel’s had no-one based in the UK so it was down to Agnes to find someone relevant. Agnes called her relatives to see if someone would be able to oblige. Luckily, Agnes had two aunties that had been waiting to help Agnes should she ever require it, and both immediately agreed without question. They knew that both Agnes and Pavel could afford the repayments and being proud people wouldn’t dream of letting their aunty down. So Agnes’ aunty got in touch with George Banco as requested and thoroughly went through all of the required information. She agreed to the conditions and had the funds transferred to her account the following day.

Pavel and Agnes have since changed their mind slightly on the style of kitchen they are having fitted but have picked one they are delighted with and the work is due to start in the next couple of weeks.

In the time since agreeing the loan both Pavel and Agnes also applied for basic credit cards to help develop their credit history to save them going through the same kind of issue in the future. They pay the full balance off every month to ensure they don’t pay any interest charges and by doing this they are proving their credit worthiness.

If you are considering a personal loan for a new kitchen or for any other reason, and are having problems finding the right lender, then perhaps you should give George Banco a try by filling in the simple application form.

Please Note – Certain details have been changed for data protection purposes