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Making Your Own Bread – Is It Cheaper?

They say the smell of freshly baked bread is the best way to help sell a home to a prospective buyer – but is there more to the age-old tradition of baking your own? Could it really be cheaper to go your own way and go your own way with your bread? We’ll investigate.

In some places you can get plain flour for less than 50p a kilogram, and in some cases the ‘strong white’ bread flour for around 70p. Straight off the mark this works out a bit cheaper, since basic bread loaves often go for a similar price and your 1kg of flour makes a bit less than two medium loaves. If you spend a pound on two bags you’ll end up with enough for three loaves.

Now, if you’re using plain flour take heed – it takes longer to rise and you’ll need to add a bit of extra yeast. But there are ways to get yeast cheaply – local health food stores sometimes sell it labeled as ‘brewer’s yeast’ in powder form for pennies. Some places even give yeast away for free, but that’s something you may have to look into yourself.

When it comes down to it, you can make a saving if you shop around. For example, Aldi offers plain flour for 45p per kg and strong bread flour at 75p. For just £2.10 you can buy three of the plain and one strong, and blend them together for some extra all around strength. This should get you about six loaves of bread in the long run, which is a good amount for just over £2.

Making Your Own Bread - Is It Cheaper Baked Bread ImageSo, in terms of whether baking your own is cheaper, it really varies on how low you can find prices on bread flour and yeast. Of course, the most expensive bread is made with only strong white bread flour, but using plain flour you can still get a decent loaf, depending on your bread making skill.

Speaking of making bread, the old methods still hold true – a bowl, a spoon and a metal bread tin are still the only tools required to make decent loaves. Extra ingredients like nuts and seeds can also be added, or other bits and pieces to help your dough rise, such as a little baking powder. For a crustier loaf, leave a tray full of water in the oven below the loaf, as the rising steam contributes to a thicker crust.

In conclusion, we do believe there is merit in baking your own bread, even if it’s just for the experience – kneading dough is another one of those good activities for mental health. It can definitely work out cheaper to bake your own, and, if you find bulk prices or other ways of cutting the price of ingredients, it could even save you some money. Try it yourself. However, if you are on our website and need to speak to one of our team about a unsecured personal loan or more specifically a guarantor loan then please give us a call on 01225 941941 and speak to one of the team, or use the Get Started button to find out if you are eligible.