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Bad Credit Guarantor Loans for Garden Improvements

In this blog we are taking a look at some of the reasons people have taken out a guarantor loan to give you a better idea of the types of things you could use a bad credit guarantor loan for.

Here at George Banco our specialist customer services team spend a large part of their day helping customers and applicants with all sorts of questions. Many of those questions are based around the question, can I use a guarantor loan for X or for Y? In most cases the answer is yes as we have a great track record of being able to lend to most people, including those with a bad credit history.

So in order to help anyone reading this post who wanted to find out what they can use a guarantor loan for, we are going to look at a few of the reasons prospective George Banco customers could apply to borrow money for.

So why would you need to change your garden? If you were in the position where perhaps you wanted to make improvements to your back garden in order to enjoy it more, perhaps it is due to ill health and you needed somewhere to convalesce or even that you had been working nights for the last few years and you have now switched to days so you have your evenings and weekends back, but the garden is in such a state that it needs a complete overhaul.  Whatever the reason, a guarantor loan could be the answer.

For some people who have savings it’s fine and affording to hire contractors to come in and re-lay patios, build fences and cut back the hedges and trees that may have overgrown and taken over the useable areas is not an issue. But if this isn’t you and need to borrow, but you have never had a credit card before or never taken out a loan then you will have little to no credit history, meaning that the majority of high street lenders will not even consider lending to you. Well that’s where George Banco comes in.

We would absolutely consider your situation for one of our guarantor loans. You would need to find a guarantor with a good credit history to guarantee that you could make the repayments, and if for whatever reason you miss payments, that they will help out by covering them.

To ensure that this is less likely to happen, you would, of course, absolutely need to pass the affordability checks on your own merit. These checks are in place to ensure you can fit the repayments into your budget without stopping you from being able to afford your current outgoings such as food and living costs. But once you have successfully passed the checks you would be able to get your hands on the funds and in under 48 hours in some cases.

You would then be in the right financial position to book in the contractors to come and replenish your back garden in order for you to get years of enjoyment from it for the years to come.

So if you were in a position similar to this then you can be rest assured that provided you can find a guarantor to support your application then we would absolutely consider your application for a bad credit guarantor loan.