The Ways We Save Say A Lot About Us
The Ways We Save Say A Lot About Us

The Ways We Save Say A Lot About Us

There are an incredible amount of ways that individuals can lay down some finances in order to either make a return or keep them safe, not all of which involve banks. In this post we will look at some of the ways we save that are not always considered. Public trust in banks has been at an all-time low since the incidents back in 2007-8 which caused chaos in the global economy, so surprisingly a lot of older methods are coming back to the fore, and they all represent their own philosophy when it comes to saving.

Government Bonds to Stock Market Shares

You could have faith in big government, relying on the state to save your money via government bonds. But according to some big investors, the return is extremely low on such things. Investing in the state is an unbelievably safe choice, but it’s so safe that you’re most likely to be back at square one when you want to liquidate your assets. However, that safety is attractive to some.

Another option for investing money is the stock market – it’s a more difficult, more risky business, but investment in precious metals has always been popular, even though gold shares can fluctuate over time and often make big headlines when they fall. Oil shares are an even more risky business. But, as stock market gurus might tell you, stock investing is a thrill ride which can often lead to big gains (or losses) in the future. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Invest in Your Own Business Start Up

Of course investment isn’t always bonds and stock – shares in a business or providing start-up money with the promise of it being returned (hopefully with interest added) is another medium risk way of storing your money, so long as your business is going to succeed. The business world is still pretty risky but if you manage to spot the potential in a new business that goes on to do decent enough trade you can expect a return on your investment. It’s definitely one for the entrepreneurs out there.

Security Deposit Boxes

Further down the risk ladder is the simple act of withdrawing your money and hiding it somewhere. It’s not risky in the traditional sense but word gets around and you could soon play host to treasure hunters on your front lawn. Best leave this one to the professionals – or at least someone with a big safe. Security deposit boxes are a good idea but require a lot of fuss to access, with keys and protocols almost always taking place in a bank vault.

Of course, if you can’t be bothered with all of that, one of the best tried and tested ways of saving without going to a bank is one of the most clich√©d and played out of all – get yourself a crisp fifty pound note and put it under your mattress. You can sleep easier at night knowing you are literally on top of your finances.