up-market meals on a budget

Need Up-Market Meals On a Budget? Head To Lidl And Aldi

Budget supermarkets often don’t deliver in terms of quality, but more than make up for it in terms of how much spending power they offer to consumers. You might not get the best looking or the highest quality produce but your wallet will thank you for it. Up until now that is…

Lidl and Aldi have both reported huge increases in both quality of their goods as well as profits thanks to the introduction of their own premium product ranges – with sales of products which compete in quality with other major supermarket chains on the up. Not only are these products competitive, but they’re also cheap. A consumer research group reported that sales of these premium foods grew 6.6% in the previous 12 weeks.

Consumers are really voting with their feet, and the types of meals available from the ‘Deluxe with Love’ range at Lidl includes quality up-market classics such as 28 day matured dry aged British beef stirloin, spatchcock duck, outdoor bred pork belly and lemon and raspberry semifreddo dessert, while Aldi’s range include its own-label organic baby food and milk formula.

Lidl is also still holding the title of UK’s fastest growing supermarket with sales on the increase by 17.7 per cent – leading them to capture a 4.4% market share. Aldi has also seen an increase in sales by 14.4 per cent for a record market share of 6%. This could be a good reason to expect more premium products from the two in the future.

Last year both stores managed to come out on top in test tastes undertaken by The Telegraph, as well as netting an extra one million shoppers at Christmas, proving that budget doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality. There really are cheaper options out there for shoppers.