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Undressed Salads – Crunchy, Chunky and Healthy

In this blog we look to cover low cost but extremely tasty salads. Although they are not the usual salads, these are salads with a twist.

More often than not a salad comes with an oily vinegary dressing – which makes it more tasty, but then a lot more difficult to eat with hands. The solution of course is to forgo the dressing and bring things back to basics with an undressed salad.

That’s why we’ve got some great salad ideas for this summer, complete with big, chunky ingredients and mouth-watering taste that you can load up a bowl of and eat as a starter, side dish or even just as finger food on a hot day.

The Classic Salad

Meet Undressed Salads Crunchy Chunky and Healthy Image2Big chunks of tomato, cucumber provide the base for this salad, giving you something hydrating and crunchy to stay cool. Then, a few handfuls of rocket add some peppery flavour, and red onion ring halves really spice things up. On top of this we recommend pine nuts, pepper and a hint of parmesan for seasoning and extra crunchiness. This is a really simple starter that works great in deep terracotta bowls with room to dig into – get it before it’s gone.

Avocado Splash Salad

This is slightly sweeter but hugely colourful – chop cucumber, cantaloupe melon and avocado for your main chunks. The avocado almost provides a dressing of its own, and the melon and cucumber give it the freshness you need. Then season with mild chilli flakes and salt. For leaves you’ll need crispy salad spinach and dark red lettuce – these should complete your red green yellow tricolour salad perfectly. Throw on some sesame seeds for texture and there it is. Take this one to a barbeque for an instant wow factor with the neighbours.

Caprese Pasta Salad

A twist on the classic Italian starter, this dressing free chunkier variant calls for halved cherry tomatoes, mozzarella pearls and of course, heaps of basil. Once all this is done, serve the combination on top of plain, cooked and cooled pasta shapes – we used conchigliette, as the small shell shapes make a great job of providing a base for this salad. Give it a whirl around when you make it, this should distribute the tomato juices nicely. This makes a great starter or light main course at lunch – make sure you season it with a fancy sea salt and chunky pepper blend if you have one.

Orange Crunch Salad

As big raw carrot fans, we’re saving this until last. You’ll need medium carrot chunks, soaked sultanas, feta cheese morsels and some thick ground pepper. Give these a mix around then lay what you have over a generous helping of peppery watercress and some croutons to complete this crunchy and highly delicious dressing free salad. This one is decidedly moreish, with sweet and savoury tones, and will have you coming back for more and more. Make a big plate and serve in the sunshine.