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Tracey and Dave from Solihull in Need of Additional Funds

For many of us in the UK we support ourselves with a good lifestyle. Certainly compared to that of many other nations, and for that, we should be happy. However, every now and then we are faced with situations that need additional funds that we simply do not have to hand. That was the case for Tracey and Dave from Solihull.

Tracey was born in South America but moved to the UK with her parents at an early age. They all spent the next 18 years building a life here with good jobs and a good education. Dave was born and bred in the UK with a large family based in the Midlands. Tracey and Dave met at college and soon became an inseparable couple. They moved out of their family homes and started renting their own home to build a life together in.

Two years ago Tracey’s parents returned to Brazil to be closer to their family and settle back there to live out the remainder of their lives in warmer climates. Sadly however, last year Tracey’s mother became ill and after a few months battling an illness was told by specialists that it was terminal. She was given just under a year to live.

Tracey and Dave, as you can imagine, were devastated by the news and immediately thought about how they were going to see her mum before she passed. They had a very small amount of savings but nowhere near the amount needed to pay for tickets to Brazil. Tracey’s mum was too ill to make the trip to the UK and had used most of their savings to cover medical costs, so it was imperative that Tracey and Dave would need to get to South America.

Neither Tracey nor Dave had ever been too bothered about their credit ratings up until this point. Dave had gone over his overdraft limit several times in the last few years and Tracey had also had a few discrepancies in her financial past.

They both turned to their banks to see if they could apply for a loan to top up what they had in savings but both were immediately turned down as their credit scores were not great. Dave then asked his side of the family but sadly no-one had that sort of cash lying around to lend them for the tickets.

On further investigation using the credit checking platform both Dave and Tracey were shocked to see that they were both classed as medium to high risk despite having reasonable incomes.

Tracey was obviously devastated at the thought of not being able to see her mum but Dave assured her that they were not completely out of options and there had to be something else they could do to remedy the situation.

Dave started asking friends and family if they had any ideas and a friend made the suggestion of looking at unsecured personal loans. Dave scoured the internet and immediately came across the George Banco website. Without hesitation he started an online application and awaited a response. After a very short time he received the feedback that he would not be eligible for a personal loan, but he would certainly be eligible for a guarantor loan provided he could find family or a friend with a healthy credit history who was willing to support his application.

Dave went straight to his father and although he wanted to do all he could to help wasn’t in a position to support the application. His Dad then suggested that Dave ask his Uncle. Dave’s Uncle Henry was in a better position to support the application and was more than happy to help.

After a short while Uncle Henry added his details to the application and following the affordability checks the loan was agreed.

Dave and Tracey flew out to the Brazil and were able to spend valuable time with Tracey’s mum before she sadly passed away peacefully in a hospice.

Tracey and Dave have since been paying back the loan at the agreed time and have also kept a far closer eye on their personal finances.

If you are in the position of needing emergency funds for any variety of reasons and you can’t use the mainstream lenders, then perhaps a George Banco guarantor loan might be the ideal solution for your needs.

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