How to survive the Heatwave

Top Tips To Stay Safe In The Recent Heatwave

As you may have read in the tabloids recently, we are having a heatwave. Summer is finally here.

When English people become aware of the good weather, we are prone to heading to local parks and sunning ourselves over a bottle of wine with a few friends and maybe even a barbecue set.

This is fine, but unfortunately the euphoric effects of the sun can often cause us to forget to stay safe – so please, try to remember these sun safety pointers, whether you’re at home or abroad this year.

Apply Your Sunscreen

Direct sunlight burns human flesh, especially if you’re pale. Sun screen/block/tan lotion, whatever you want to call it, works by bouncing harmful ultraviolet rays off the skin. These rays arrive from space to fry us and worryingly have a very remote chance of causing melanoma, or skin cancer, when they hit bare skin.

Obviously if your skin is darker you will need less protection, but even naturally dark skin is prone to sunburn, although at a lessened degree. So, better safe than sorry. Suntan products also contain moisturizers which prevent your skin drying out, so it’s a win-win. Plus, you can get someone else rub it on your back for you.

On another note, wear a hat, and sunglasses! Your eyes are sensitive and if your head gets too hot so do you – shade is important for avoiding sunstroke, which we will talk about in a bit. And anyway, who doesn’t love hats?

Drink Your Water!

The average human should ingest multiple litres of water on a daily basis, so if you’re not doing that already, please try to in the future, especially in this wonderful summer heat.

The human body likes to sweat to cool itself off, which can get a bit smelly (don’t forget the deodorant!) and is the primary way we lose water. Also if you’re drinking alcohol to increase your merriment, you will most likely have to go to the toilet more, increasing your water loss, so for every alcoholic drink you ingest, try to get in some water too.

The best most useful tactic we can recommend is getting one of those five litre mammoth water bottles from your local supermarket, and using it to dispense life giving water to the people around you. You can refill these so don’t throw it away until it’s no longer useful – or reuse it for something else…

Get Yourself Some Aftercare

There are simply millions of products on the market to deal with the effects of dehydration, sunburn, and sunstroke. To avoid sunstroke, do as we said earlier, wear a hat and maybe sunglasses, and drink extra water, but what about sunburn?

Aloe Vera PlantOne of the most effective ways of dealing with dry, itchy, stinging skin that has been sunburnt is also one of the most environmentally friendly.

Get that 5 litre bottle you bought earlier, and once it’s seen better days, plant an Aloe Vera plant in it. These plants require little to no care, reproduce quickly, remove air pollution from your home, and also heal burns and irritated skin.

An aloe requires a bag of well-drained dry cactus soil and occasional watering to thrive. Once it’s got many leaves to spare, one can simply cut one off, split it in half, and rub the gooey inside of the leaf on an open wound, a burn, scar tissue, or sunburn for instant eco-friendly relief. It’s antibacterial, good for the skin, filled with healing extracts, and most amazingly of all actually reduces sensations of pain, plant one today.

And so, armed with your hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and a big bottle of water, and of course with your friendly aloe plant waiting at home, you are now prepared. Go forth and enjoy the weather!