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Top Tips For Saving Energy At Home

Sometimes there are very simple ways for us to save energy and consequently money spent on bills in and around the home – and it’s actually very surprising how often we miss the opportunity. Here are just a few ways you can cut your energy bills as the days start to get shorter and the bills seem like they’re starting to get bigger.


  • Turn down your thermostat – just one degree less heating will put you well on your way to saving, with bills possibly being reduced by around £50 per year thanks to that single degree.
  • Keep your heating low and regular can also make for a saving – big blasts of irregular heating often drain resources.
  • Wrap up and stay snug instead of turning up the heat – a jumper and some blankets can often save you having to turn up the thermostat.
  • Take advantage of your oven heat – yes, it may seem strange but if you leave that oven door open after cooking it can really make a difference to room temperature, especially in smaller flats.


  • Top Tips For Saving Energy At Home Lightbulb ImageTurn appliances off at the mains as much as possible – they drain more energy than you think.
  • Turn your washer to 30 degrees to minimise energy usage on heating up that water.
  • Use water saving devices to cut water bills – find out how to get some for free from your water company in our article here.
  • Turn down the pressure on showers if you can – it saves water as well.
  • Hang up laundry to dry as much as possible if you can get away with not using the tumble dryer.
  • Invest in energy saving light bulbs – for obvious reasons. Also, they last for ages!


  • Double up dishes in the oven and make as much as possible to utilise the warmth you’ve generated – waste not want not! Cooking food in bulk is pretty economical in other ways as well.
  • Scrape loose food directly into the bin and let the dishwasher handle the rest of the mess – no need to rinse in hot water if you don’t have to.
  • Keep the fridge full – big empty spaces in there use more energy to keep cool, and also it makes sense in the same manner as filling up your oven. Also if it’s getting a little colder, consider turning down the coolness inside the fridge.
  • Don’t use a big ring on your hob to heat a small pan, it’s much more efficient to use the right ring for the job.

It’s always useful to find ways to save for yourself as you go along – as a general rule, if anything requires or generates additional heat, light or movement it uses energy. Hopefully these tips can help get you started.

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