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Top Tips For Saving On Christmas In November

The average household supposedly spends close to £800 every Christmas so in this blog we look at some tips for saving on Christmas.

The average household Christmas spend figures were released by ITV last year. However, that being said, you might not have to get so close to such a daunting figure yourself if you can get your bits and pieces in order as early as possible.

Given that it’s already November, rally your family around and make some plans as soon as you can. If you work together it might end up saving you money early.

Saving Money On Christmas Food

We spent some of our biggest amounts on food around the festive season – especially on products that get in high demand the closer to the date.

top-tips-for-saving-on-christmas-in-november-christmas-foodIf a family member you’re guaranteed to spend the day with on Christmas has a large freezer, see if the communal roast beast can be purchased as soon as possible, and spend a month frozen. It’s easier than having to run around like a headless turkey looking for a… headless turkey.

For those with smaller freezers, a lot of the trimmings can also be purchased in advance and put on ice, especially pigs in blankets and other meat products. If you can get hold of it all before the supermarket demand starts, you’re probably going to save.

Hopefully all you’ll have to shop for closer to the date is the vegetables.

Saving Money On Christmas Gifts

Saving Money On Christmas GiftsChristmas shopping has officially started this November, but given all the time you have, it’s probably best to do the entire shop online. You can take your time, look for the best deals, and otherwise get it all done from the comfort of your own home.

For speciality gifts that you may have to get made, or purchase from a small retailer, now’s the time to put those orders in – or to book delivery of items in advance so you can be sure they’ll arrive.

Make Savings On Decorations

Hindsight is great and all, but if you’re a savvy Christmas veteran you may have a lot of wrapping, decorations and bits and pieces stored at home. Maybe your family does too, ask them, because families tend to accumulate things such as decorations.

Another thing you can do if you want to avoid a rush is to simply buy early, in gradual steps. It’s not entirely urgent, but if you put decorations on your normal shopping list and start building them up gradually in your home, it creates a festive feeling as little by little the house becomes more sparkly.

And the rest…

Just some final bullet points:

  • Book rail travel as many weeks in advance as you possibly can.
  • Make shopping lists and avoid impulse buys.
  • Consider charity gifts for people who aren’t so fortunate.
  • Make sure you have your Secret Santa done in time – do one at home too!
  • Build up some savings and keep them to the side for last minute emergencies.
  • Hopefully you won’t come too close to that £800 figure this year – because it’s quite a lot. We hope your Christmas shopping goes smoothly this November.