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Top Tips To Avoid Winter Blues

Every year, right when the clocks revert from British summertime to standard time, people start feeling a little bit down. Depression diagnosis reportedly skyrockets during this time of year, according to a recent study published in the scientific journal Epidemiology.

But there’s a lot of things you can start to focus on this winter to say no to the winter blues – and we’ve got some great ideas to keep you feeling like spring is just around the corner, especially if the change of seasons gets you down.

Stay Busy At Home

We all know bad weather can leave us feeling like shut-ins, with the wind howling and the rain pouring. But there’s hope, don’t be so down. Indulge in activities that make your home feel brighter and full of wonder, such as baking, tending a window herb garden or simply doing some art. Studies suggest that having green plants indoors, cooking delicious food and simply doing some drawing can keep your spirits up. If you keep yourself busy instead of watching too much TV, you will feel more productive, which is a positive vibe.

Don’t Forget To Enjoy Outdoors

Top Tips To Avoid Winter Blues Robin ImageWhen the sun finally makes an appearance, don’t miss the opportunity to bask in it. Make sure to try and get ten minutes of direct sunlight every day, if it’s out – this will help regenerate vitamin D and also the fresh air and a short walk will do you a lot of good. Winters are getting increasingly mild due to climate change. Another wholesome activity for feel-good vibes is tending to a bird feeder. Feathery friends have to go it alone, and I’m sure if we could we’d let them inside, we would. But instead of turning your house into a bird box, leave out food scraps or hang seed balls from a tree. Our favourite bird is definitely the Robin, and they love being fed and aren’t shy of people.

Get A Little Help From Your Friends

If you’re feeling a little down and closed off at home, just call someone. Let them know that you’re having a tough time. Visit friends at their homes and have fun themed meals or partake in group activities. Try a sushi night, a movie night, a sleep over – anything will do. It’s really important for everyone’s mental health to stay socialising, and not just when on nights out when there’s drinking involved. Get creative – try life drawing, or start a comedy band. Activities which lead to self-development and learning new skills are really good for your mental health, and doing them with the people you love makes it even more effective.

Hug A Dog

top-tips-to-avoid-winter-blues-big-dogDogs are great. We know it sounds barmy, but if you can spend some time with one, even if it’s just a couple of walks a week with a friend who has the privilege of being a dog owner, take advantage. Dogs make winter blues go away, and studies have shown that they get the same feelings of happiness from spending time with us, down to a basic chemical level in both of our brains. Also they have soft ears. So cute, so fluffy. Take one for a walk today.

We really hope these tips can help, or inspire you, to avoid winter stress and blues this year. If you’re having issues with depression or feeling uncharacteristically down, talk to a friend or relative if these tips don’t seem to be helping, or speak with your GP. Mental health is important.