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Take Control of Your Personal Finances with Money Saving Tips – Revisited

Back in August we looked at ways of saving money that you may have not considered before. We promised that we would revisit the topic to bring you some more great money saving tips to help you take more control of your personal finances.

Having already looked at:

  • Switching utilities suppliers
  • Switching insurance providers
  • Transferring credit card balances
  • Comparing supermarket prices
  • Buying supermarket own brand products
  • Buying food in bulk
  • Trying local markets
  • Preparing your own lunches
  • Trying discount supermarkets
  • Using coupons

We will now take a look at ways in which you can make even more savings or make money back on old items instead of letting them go to waste or throwing them out.

Sell unwanted items on Gumtree or eBay

One of the first ways you can do this is by looking through your cupboards and loft spaces for items that are still in good condition but you really have little intention of ever using again, and listing them on selling websites such as Gumtree or eBay. Both of these websites are relatively simple to use and have free listings or only charge a very small fee to use.

It can be surprising what people will buy on these sites so it is often worth having a look around on them to see what sells well and then checking to see if you have anything similar that you no longer want.

Sell old mobile phones

There are now a number of places on the high street that you can take your old mobile phones to sell them, but there are even more places to sell them online. These websites are very simple to use and will give you an instant quote in seconds. Once you have shopped about to make sure you have found the best price for your phone, you simply pack them into the bag supplied by the chosen company and send it off. The company buying the phone usually insures and tracks the package to ensure everyone is protected from damage or loss in transit.

Switch to a Pay as You Go mobile phone

If you are positive you still want to have a smart phone but don’t always use the full minutes allowance or data usage then it might be worth considering switching your monthly contract for a pay as you go SIM card where you can control the amount you spend on calls instead of paying between £30 and £50 per month for up to 2 years at a time. You can still have a fully functioning smart phone but without the heavy fixed monthly costs.

Stop Playing the Lottery

This one sounds daft but when you think about it, with a ticket now costing £2 a go, that adds up to £104 per year! If you can honestly say that you win more than that figure every year then carry on, but if not, stop!

Shop online or with a list

Often when heading to shops in need of a specific item you find yourself returning with several items that you had no intention of buying when you went out. Shops rely on consumers doing this by putting staple items at the back of the shop to make sure you have to pass everything else before arriving at the basic item you were after.

To give yourself a better chance of sticking to buying the items that you really need and not spending more than you should on those impulses purchases, make a list and stick to it. Alternatively where possible, shop online. You can search specifically for the item in question and stay blinkered from the things you don’t need.

Shop during the sales

We all know when the sale periods are and what sort of goods will be available during those times. To save money throughout the rest of the year try and make any purchases of electrical items such as TV’s and Microwaves during the January sales. You can also stock up on cheap clothes and other useful goods during the sales.

Use discount or voucher websites

There are so many ways in which you can save money online and another great recent emergence are discount websites such as Groupon†or Wowcher. They have been growing in popularity for a while and have reached the point whereby you can find some amazing discounts on anything from restaurants and shows to watches and jewellery.

Staying in is the new going out

Instead of heading out to the pub or clubs and bars at the weekend you could try inviting some friends round to join you in playing a board game or to watch a movie. You can pick up a reasonable bottle of wine and a pizza, remembering to always drink responsibly, for a fraction of the cost of a night out on the town with a taxi ride home.

Bin the expensive TV subscription and switch to Freeview

Freeview really has come on leaps and bounds in the last couple of years. With a wide range of channels, the cost saving in this area can be huge. When you consider paying a minimum of £25 per month to Sky or BT for the latest entertainment package, against a one off cost for a set top box costing between £10 and £50, you will save hundreds of pounds over a 12 month period.

We hope these money saving tips help you to take a little more control of your personal finances and are confident that if you only apply three or four of these tips you will make a noticeable saving across the space of a year.

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As always, please check back in the coming weeks for more Personal Finance information from George Banco.