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Stuck For Cost Effective Holiday Ideas? Try Wild Camping This Summer

There’s nothing more idyllic than a simple campsite for a cost effective holiday, maybe on the edge of a wood, with a small, well managed campfire to sit around on balmy summer evenings. Getting away should mean really getting away from the rest of society, so with this in mind, let’s talk about wild camping.

It’s not one of the newest concepts around, but wild camping is certainly attractive. It basically means camping on land which isn’t officially designated as a campsite that has built in amenities – instead, it’s land which a landowner has allowed people to pay to camp on (sometimes it’s free).

Of course, with a great camping spot comes great responsibility – one of the core aspects of wild camping is that you make sure you leave as little trace as possible of your excursion. This means dismantling and burying campfires, leaving no rubbish around, and generally taking care of the countryside you’re visiting.

A few general rules include not staying in the same spot for too long, not lighting ‘excessive’ fires, packing up rubbish, and finding responsible places to do your business. It’s also a generally accepted rule to try not to do it close to roads or settlements. Some consider it best to not even use fires at all and stick to gas stoves.

What’s better is that some places you can go are more accessible than others – you might find a wild camping spot that’s acres and acres of land but still may have a few amenities at the site’s entrance. Other places are not so forgiving – many ‘upland and remote’ areas have pretty loose camping laws, and so long as you tread carefully and don’t pollute, you may be able to simply pitch a tent where you like.

Stuck For Holiday Ideas Image 2These remote areas where wild camping is tolerated aren’t for the faint of heart – the Scottish highlands, Snowdonia, Dartmoor and the Lake District are some of the most well-known spots. All feature rugged terrain, somewhat unpredictable and even dangerous weather, so if you’re a rookie it’s probably best to find a more forgiving terrain by searching for campsites online.

A good site to find wild camping spots is campsite database Pitchup – they have an index for wild camping spots for England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, as well as France and Spain – links to all of which can be found on this page. Sites vary from large plots of dedicated camping land which can be visited for a fee all the way to working farms with an open bar if you’re feeling sociable. You can even go for the ‘glamping’ experience and hire out a yurt or other more permanent tent.

So, if you’re feeling like heading out for a UK-based cost effective holiday, which shouldn’t set you back a whole lot of money but will let you experience the best parts of the outdoors that this country has to offer (particularly on the south coast near the beaches), then try wild camping this summer.

Remember to always let someone know roughly where you are going and when you are expected to return in case something should happen and you have no phone signal.