Spend your money wisely this christmas

Spend Your Money Wisely This Christmas

In previous blogs we have focused on ways in which you can save money or to take control of your debt. So in this blog we thought it would be a good idea to look at a few ways in which you can spend your money, but more specifically how to get the most ‘bang for your buck’ by spending it effectively in the build up to Christmas.

As with all things linked to personal finance, a good place to start is ‘The Money Saving Expert‘. This is not just to find out what is the best rate for a credit card or which type of personal loans are available. At this time of year the specialists at MSE scour their previous Christmas period holiday deals and make predictions about which companies will be having festive deals this year based on previous history.

They are currently featuring a wide range of big brands including Ikea, Gap and Tesco, predicting when you can expect each of them to hold their pre-Christmas flash sales. So whether it’s that piece of Swedish furniture you have been longing for, presents you need to start buying, or building up the wine stores ready for the holidays, you can start whilst also knowing you are getting the best value for your money.

Another great place to look for some of the best prices available on the web is Hot UK Deals. Hot UK Deals is a website where anyone based in the UK can post a link to another website where they have found a product for a hugely discounted price. Other users of the Hot UK Deals website can then vote on how hot each deal is, so everyone can then see what the popular deals are without having to trawl through every page. You really can get almost anything, from skateboards to pork joints.

Groupon is the next place we will be taking a brief look at. Groupon is another website but in this case instead of users posting links to cheap products or services, the retailers themselves list the best deals they can offer. In order to make themselves stand out, the retailers are not just offering a small discount, instead they often list deals with huge discounts of well over 70%. Again you can get a wide range of goods and services for offer on Groupon, from goods and services for the home and garden to holidays and beauty spas.

The last of this instalment will focus on the phenomenon called Black†Friday. Black†Friday†is hailed to be the retailer’s best trading day of the entire year! It was started by a number of the larger US based retailers a few years ago whereby they significantly lower their prices for a 24 hour period to entice shoppers to start their gift buying season. As the trend grew, retailers started making more and more out of it until prospective bargain hunters hit the shops in a heightened frenzy. There have even been instances of people getting hurt in the stampedes to reach the most sought after toys of the year or the latest gadget at a huge discount.

This year Black†Friday†is on the 27th†November and starts at†Midnight†in most cases. Some merchants have stretched the Black†Friday period by starting their deals early and extending them over the following weekend. Either way it is a great time to get the latest must have item with a significant discount, but please don’t get hurt in the rush!

Good luck with your Christmas preparations and remember to stay in control of your spending this holiday season.