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Is There Treasure Under Your Roof You Can Sell To Help Your Personal Finances

Our latest blog looks at ways to help you raise small amounts of cash to help your personal finances.

Is your house full of semi old junk spanning back a decade or so? Are you inundated with bits and pieces but strapped for cash? It’s okay, so is everyone. But in and among the odds and ends there might be a small piece of treasure – namely an item that is worth a fair bit of money.

So, to get you started on the path to modest sums of cash, we’re going to walk you through some of the most profitable nuggets of household paraphernalia that could be lurking inside your home. Now there’s no guarantees you might be ‘rich’ per se, but you can always cobble together enough for a night out, and make some more space. Let’s begin now.

In The Kitchen

Riches? In the kitchen? China sets for example can be rare and fetch a high price, especially ones with good names on them, such as Spode or Wedgwood.

Another good thing to look for is appliances, or more specifically, appliances which might be worn out and ready to throw out which still have a few working parts – which you can put on the market. Break them down and sell off the bits.

And of course, there’s silver. Some items of silver cutlery can fetch a high value, if you’re willing to part with them. Each piece is marked with a special stamp which identifies it to potential collectors, called a hallmark. Some hallmarks are rarer than others.

The Living Room

Here you’ll find electronics. Your old portables such as phones, laptops, iPods – indeed anything that runs on electricity, could fetch a pretty penny. Check makes and model numbers against eBay prices and sell all your unwanted gadgets at your leisure. Waste not want not, after all.

Older cartridge based storage media are also top sellers. Oddly, game cartridges for old Nintendo systems, as well as VHS tapes, can sometimes fetch high prices, and they’re durable as anything if they’re stored in a dry place. Again, check online for price info.

And of course, harking further back another technological step, there’s always books. Keep an eye out for first editions, complete sets, hardbacks, or just any book that has that ‘tome of hidden knowledge’ look to it. Older books and even comics in good condition are sometimes worth a good deal of money.

The Attic/Bedrooms

At this point you might have exhausted some of the more conventional sources of treasure, but there’s still the attic, bedroom cupboards, and everywhere else you might store your unwanted items.

Be on the lookout for designer clothes, musical instruments, antique furniture, shoes and handbags, jewellery, classic photography equipment, children’s toys, collectibles of any kind, musical instruments, artwork – the list just goes on and on.

It’s important to make sure your treasure is of good quality and undamaged, but if you think you’re onto a good one, get to eBay or any other site where you can sell, sell, sell – and try your luck.