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Save Money and Help the Environment at the Same Time by Recycling

In this blog we are exploring a topic that is vitally important to the preservation of our planet and that is recycling, so we are looking at how to save money and help the environment at the same time. Did you know, however, that you could actually make a little cash whilst doing it with certain items?

Recycling is something we are all aware of and over time we are getting better and better at it. Everyone in the UK now has two or more bins for their property. We all have the main rubbish bin but we also have a recycling bin and most people have a food scraps bin as well. When the idea first came out it felt like it was a pain to do but we all got used to it fairly quickly, right?

Well it turns out that many people didn’t know that you can actually make a little money from your recycling, provided you have the space in or around your home to separate it.

The first of the items we are looking at is old clothing. After speaking to family and friends it became evident that many of us still put our old cloths straight in the rubbish bin, put it in those charity collection bags that get put through the post box or take their old items to the local clothing bin.

One particular cash for clothes service enables anyone to earn instant extra cash by selling all their unwanted clothing, shoes, accessories and household items. They have drop off points but they also do collections if you cannot make it to the drop off points.

The centres use certified calibrated scales and they pay a fixed rate per Kg for the items. Also, it encourages and helps people to de-clutter their wardrobes with a cash reward in return. The cash for clothes service also contributes towards helping the environment by diverting textiles from landfill for reuse and it raises awareness of the need to recycle textiles.

That said, please note that we are in no way suggesting in any shape or form that you empty your wardrobes leaving you without essential items. We are making you aware that for those articles of clothing that you were never going to wear ever again or that you have simply grown out of, that you can make a little money back rather than placing it in the bin to be sent to landfill, which is clearly not good for the environment.

The next item we are looking at that can earn you a little cash is aluminium cans. Aluminium was discovered back in the early 1800’s and since then has worked its way into our everyday lives in numerous ways. Most commonly found occurrence is the aluminium can. Cans are used for both soft drinks and alcohol so a huge number of UK household regularly dispose of them in their standard recycling bin. They then get sent to the recycling centres and processed from there. However, did you know that you can actually get paid to recycle them if you do it yourself?

Over 80% of drink cans sold in the UK are made from aluminium — that’s nearly 8 billion cans every year! And each can could be recycled over and over again, saving energy, raw materials and waste.

Aluminium can be recycled without any loss of quality, saving energy and natural resources, so it’s important to keep those drinks cans out of the waste stream. The good news is, it’s easy to recycle – whether you’re at home, school or work.

Over 20 million aluminium cans are used every day in the UK, and recycling aluminium uses only 5% of the energy required to make aluminium from raw materials. So if you have the space to store another recycling bin you can place any aluminium cans separately from your main recycling, and after building it up for a while you can then take them to one of the aluminium recycling centres dotted around the UK and they will weigh them and pay you for them.

As a guide, the current average price paid for aluminium cans (as of November 2016) is around 40-50p per kg. However, the price does vary across metal merchants, so make sure to check.

So there are two ways you can actually make money from the things you would ordinarily have thrown out.

It is clear that we have to help our planet recover from the state it is in right now so why not make a little cash in the process.

If you are interested in making cash from your old clothes then just Google ‘Cash for Clothes’ and check out a few of the options until you find the one that is right for you.

If you are interested in making a little money from your aluminium cans then again all you have to do is Google ‘cash for cans’, and like before, find the most appropriate company that will pay you for your recycled rubbish.

We hope this has helped you in some way to save money and help the environment at the same time.