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Five Cool Recycled Garden Container Ideas That Don’t Cost A Fortune

Our latest blog investigates a number of ways you can brighten up your home or garden without spending a fortune.

Recycling, upcycling, whatever you call it, is super trendy right now. Everybody loves getting their plants into fancy containers, and if you show some initiative and find enough cool things to put them in, you can even make a few pounds selling their descendants on – especially if you cultivate succulents and cactuses.

Book Planters

As you can see above, old or unwanted books can be easily hollowed out and used as homes for succulents. It’s important to remember that this is a very specific combination, as succulents require not very much water, so of course the book doesn’t get too wet.

It’s a pretty easy one to do – find an old unwanted hardback and use a craft knife, scalpel or box cutter to cut out a square hollow. Then fill with cactus soil and plant in your succulents.


Some simpler plants will thrive in a closed off environment, sealed off from the outside world. Jars make these small terrariums possible, and the larger ones make great homes for cactuses or even mosses, which you can find in nature.

Cultivating moss is simple and fun, and can be achieved by simply making a layer of gravel, then soil in a glass jar and placing the moss on top. It’ll stay happy in the sun even if sealed off, as water condensation will keep the whole thing damp.

Old Boots

Five Cool Recycled Garden Container Ideas Boot ImageA cleaned out old boot with a hole in the bottom can make a fine place for a plant to live, and also a quirky talking piece. Make sure the boot is free of contaminants by putting it through the washing machine first. To avoid a too-damp boot, try using a plant that doesn’t need much water.

Plastic Bottles

These make for some of the most versatile containers – given they can be attached together, stacked, and hung from fences as specialised hanging bottle baskets. They’re great for flowers and herbs.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to just cut out a section out of the side of a plastic bottle and fill it with soil, then add holes for drainage and to hold it up with either wire or heavy string. This’ll let you hang your new bottle basket almost anywhere.

Micro Kegs and Oil Cans

The largest olive or vegetable oil cans are a great way to grow things, and so are those micro-kegs you sometimes find beer in. These hold oil in large measurements of litres at a time, are sturdy and also easy to work with.

Just remove the top with a serrated knife, bolt cutters, or heavy scissors. This part is kind of dangerous because the edges are sharp, and once your cutting is done, you’ll need to use duct tape or another heavy duty tape over the edges to make them safe.

Then just punch a hole in the bottom and plant up your plants. You could even grow a small tomato, bean plant or other vegetable in there.

These are just a few ways you can brighten up your home or garden with costing a fortune. Often you will find that the weirder the container, the better the effect.