Raising Money for Children in Need 2016

Raising Money for Children in Need 2016

The staff here at George Banco recently had the opportunity to take part in the annual charity fund raising event Children In Need. In this blog we take a quick look back at the day and what the staff got up to.

Every year the country breaks out their best fund raising ideas to help raise sponsorship for this worthy cause, whether it’s running a full marathon in fancy dress or setting up a stall outside the house to sell cupcakes. Every year more and more people are getting involved.

This year the George Banco team wanted to do their part so decided to replace their usual mufti day with a pyjama day where the staff came into work wearing their onesies, dressing gowns or slippers.

gb-staff-enjoying-pyjama-day-for-children-in-need-2-nov-16We had people in the customer service teams as well as members of the underwriting team sat at their desks in pyjamas doing important work. It was one of the most bizarre views we have ever seen at the George Banco offices that day, walking into the break out room around lunch time and seeing our colleagues discussing the day’s activities in polka dots, heart shapes and fluffy leopard print onesies.

Children In Need is a cause we all agreed we would like to support as it has such a huge positive impact on so many kids in desperate need of help.

The Children in Need television appeal has been growing steadily since way back in 1955 when it was first presented by Harry Corbett and Sooty. In 1978 Sir Terry Wogan made his first appearance and as we all know went on to become the Life President and face of Children in Need. In 1985 Sir Terry’s famous sidekick Pudsey Bear was introduced to us all and together they went on to present 30 appeal shows!

Sadly earlier this year Sir Terry Wogan passed away leaving an unfillable hole in the Children in Need team that will never be replaced, but his legacy lives on.

This year saw a record breaking amount of money being raised by the people of Great Britain. A staggering £46.6 million pounds was raised during the Friday night televised event, although money raised through donations often takes weeks or even months to filter through so the organisers have yet to release the actual amount raised. We expect that figure to be considerably higher.

George Banco Team Raising Money For Children In Need 2016The George Banco team are a small collective in the grand scheme of things, however despite this we were able to raise £187 through donations from our staff. Everyone had a great day and spent the day giggling at each other for looking so randomly out of place.

We look forward to next year’s event and the team have already started coming up with some even sillier ideas to help raise funds for Children in Need 2017.