Personal Loan For Flights To Italy

Single Dad Needed Personal Loan For Flights To Italy For Daughters Dance Competition

Ashton is a single dad who needed a personal loan for flights, to get his daughter to her dance team’s performance in Italy and back again to the UK in time for her medical treatment.

Ashton is a 38 year old father of one and lives with his daughter Anna in Kidderminster. Sadly Ashton’s partner had passed away shortly after the birth of their baby daughter Anna and so it has just been the two of them. Ashton is there for Anna in every eventuality and does a great job at stepping in as Dad and Mum.

Ashton had a good job and a good understanding with his boss and friend Stan. Stan knew the situation and helped Ashton whenever he could. He often agreed to giving him time off at short notice and advances on his wages in emergencies. Stan even looked after Anna when Ashton had to go to appointments.

Anna is now 12 years old and is leading a very active lifestyle and is part of a very successful dance troop, so successful that towards the end of 2017 won their way through to a European championship near Rome, Italy. The championships weren’t until January 2018 but sadly, in November Anna started suffering from bladder problems. After weeks of tests and investigations it resulted in Anna needing a colostomy bag being fitted until they could prepare her for an operation to permanently fix the issue and get her back to full health.

The colostomy bag had a huge impact on Anna’s lifestyle and meant that she had to be far more careful with everything she did. This included her involvement in the dance troop. Both Anna and the team were devastated by the news. Especially knowing that a few weeks after the championship Anna would be back to full health. They were determined not to let this stop her altogether so they came up with a plan.

They aimed to have Anna come on as part of the performance and do a few basic moves that would not put her at risk of injuring herself but still allowed her to be involved. The main problem to overcome was the logistics of travelling to Italy.

Anna’s operation was scheduled for the day after the championship but she also needed a few pre operation appointments to ensure she was ready when the time came.  Ashton knew it was going to be tight and expensive but was determined to make it happen for Anna. The rest of the troop went over to Italy a week beforehand to prepare for the event but obviously Anna couldn’t travel with them. So Ashton arranged with Stan to take some time off work and to fly Anna out after her appointments get a car and transport her to the venue, then fly her straight back after the championship performance in plenty of time for the operation.

Stan and Ashton sat down and did the sums and worked out that it would cost approximately £1,000 including flights, accommodation and car hire whilst in Italy. Unfortunately, Ashton didn’t have that sort of cash lying about. Stan immediately offered but Ashton just wouldn’t let him pay for it.

Ashton needed a day or so to think about his options. He next day he went to his bank to look at applying for a loan but to his surprise they declined his application as he had a couple of payments returned unpaid over the past 18 months. Nothing major and the payments were made, but the negative impression on his credit history was enough for them to turn him down.

He then went online and started looking at other loan alternatives. He considered a payday loan but then also considered the bad press surrounding them and soon moved away from that idea.

During his investigations he came across a few other loan providers and starting considering unsecured personal loans. So that evening he sat down in front of the laptop and started investigating unsecured personal loans and guarantor loan providers.

After an hour of trawling through the various providers he kept coming back to George Banco, so decided to go for it and put in an application via the online form. It soon came back with the fact he would need a guarantor to qualify.

The first person that came to mind was of course Stan. So he made a quick call to Stan and shared his thoughts. Stan knew that Ashton could afford the repayments and that he was a man of his word so agreed straight away.

Ashton’s application was successful and Ashton went ahead and bought the required tickets and vehicle hire.

Although it was a whirlwind trip to Italy it was hugely successful. Anna and her troop came third and Anna was able to play her part in the event that she had worked so hard towards.

We’re also glad to say that Anna’s operation was successful and she is making a great recovery.

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Please Note – Certain details have been changed for data protection purposes.