George Banco New Offices

New Office, New People

George Banco has had a highly successful couple of years since opening back in 2013 and is consequently growing. Right now at Head Office there is a lot of activity happening whilst we are in the throes of having our offices refitted to accommodate lots of new team members.

Since we started trading we have been working tirelessly to refine our products, making them as appealing and useful to our customers as they can be. We have implemented a number of time saving systems for our loan applicants, to help them make an application and understand if they are eligible for a personal loan or guarantor loan as efficiently as possible.

From the very start we wanted to offer something different to that of the other lenders in the market place by developing our online application systems a little differently. We aimed to create a system that would allow applicants to work through a series of questions that, if answered honestly, would help determine the potential of receiving a loan from George Banco before even performing a full credit check.

With the success of our customer systems and the appeal of our innovative products, it was inevitable that we would need to expand at some point in the future. It was great to find out that this point in time has arrived sooner than initially expected.

We have been through the recruitment process and found some fantastic new members of staff to come and join our highly successful team. We then had the issue of accommodating them so we have had our offices reworked, giving us the space to comfortably fit another 12 team members. The final stage is now to ensure they are trained to meet our exacting high standards.

To enable us to handle the level of incoming calls and enquiries we also needed to bolster our telephone systems. So over the next few weeks we will be rolling out our new telecoms system. Of course, the transition will be seamless and unnoticeable to our customers. All they will experience is an even more efficient service and some new names helping with their applications.

George Thomas, Sales Director of George Banco commented;

We are very excited here at George Banco with the growth of our business and the need to expand our offices. Everyone is acutely focused on making this a seamless transition for our customers, and a great working environment that staff will look forward to working in every day.

If you feel you have the right qualities to join the team here at George Banco, please visit our careers page to see the current available roles.