Welcome to the New George Banco Website

As the title reads, we have been busy over the past few weeks updating our new website homepage to make life easier for our new and existing customers.

The homepage is not the only part of our online offering that has been worked on recently. We have also been investigating how we can use our blog to provide useful and valuable information to our customers and people in a similar situation.

In our industry there is a lot of information we need to impart before our customers can be considered informed. The aim of the George Banco website is to present all the information someone looking for a guarantor loan or personal loan would need in one place.

Of course different people absorb information in different ways, so we understand that no website can be all things to all people but we have spent valuable time understanding the best way to present the relevant information in a usable way with the aim of helping as many people as possible.

So what in reality is the website there to do?

  • Demonstrate how thousands of people in a similar situation have found the right loan with George Banco by way of the many great reviews left in Trust Pilot, and how they have helped repair their credit rating by doing so.
  • Provide a way of allowing applicants to apply in minutes for a guarantor loan or personal loan in the easiest way possible, without negatively affecting their credit rating.
  • Provide existing users a way of reaching their account page quickly and easily.
  • Explain how customers can have the loan paid in to their account the same day provided they meet the required criteria.
  • Inform potential new customers about the highly competitive APR George Banco can offer with their loans, including how they can benefit from our unique ‘Rate Dropper Loan’ where the APR reduces in two and again in year three provided payments are on time.
  • Work well on all the different devices (Smart phones, tablets and computers) people use to browse the web in today’s society.

As previously mentioned, the homepage is not the only recent change to the George Banco website. We have also been working on our blog site that sits alongside the website to improve the look and feel of it as well as the featured, ever changing content.

The blog will now be used to provide an online resource to interested parties about the latest debt advice and how to reduce monthly outgoings in order to help them take control of their finances. This will include links to other useful debt advice websites and resources.

Geremy Thomas CEO, of George Banco commented.

“We are really pleased with the result and hope that our customers also feel the website is a clearer, easier to use platform that communicates the right message, not only about our products but about responsible lending and the way consumer finance is changing for the better.”

It will also feature information on George Banco and fringe activities including charity work and fundraising.

All in all we have developed a new site to help people in debt, full of information on how to reduce that financial strain and help build them a better financial future.

If there is any vital debt advice information you feel would benefit our website visitors, then please complete the form below and we will look in to it for future use.

George Banco Web Team