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Nasir Needed A Loan For Dental Treatment

In this blog we take look at Nasir and his reasons for needing an unsecured personal loan for dental treatment from George Banco.

Nasir is a 28 year old gentleman from Birmingham who was in need of dental treatment to address a number of issues. Through general neglect Nasir had in the past, allowed his dental hygiene to suffer, but had also recently chipped his front tooth quite badly.

He had not been to see the dentist for a very long time and had allowed his teeth to decay to the point where he was in pain on a daily basis. His girlfriend had been repeatedly telling him to go and get them sorted out but he kept putting it off.

Nasir did attend an appointment a few years ago, and the dentist informed him at the time that he would need a crown which was going to cost hundreds of pounds. Nasir thought that if that was the cost for one issue, it would be far greater now that he had multiple issues to deal with.

An additional complication was that Nasir also had an acute phobia in which he panicked heavily at the thought of injections. This phobia had now reached the point where he could not face standard dental surgery and therefore needed to be given a general anaesthetic instead of a local anaesthetic injection, a service that was not available on the NHS. Nasir now had no choice but to seek private treatment.

Nasir attended the private dental appointment and as predicted he was faced with a treatment plan that totalled nearly £2,500. The alternative was to have the teeth removed completely. This would have been far cheaper but obviously not desirable.

Nasir’s girlfriend originally offered to help with the finances but didn’t have nearly the amount Nasir needed to cover the full treatment. Nasir needed to find the amount from another source. He checked with his bank but unfortunately for Nasir he had also allowed his bank account to go into the red a few times over the past couple of years. This had negatively affected his credit rating and as a result he simply wasn’t eligible for a loan via the traditional lenders.

Despite having a good job, Nasir now needed to raise the funds quickly but could not think what to do.

Nasir’s girlfriend had been talking to one of her friends about the situation who suggested looking for a short term loan online. Both Nasir and his girlfriend started looking online at the short term loans on offer but the loans were coming back as far too expensive for them to afford the repayments.

Nasir then saw a friend’s Facebook comment about a guarantor loan provided by George Banco. He went to the George Banco website and saw that they were specialists at lending the sort of figure he wanted to borrow, but he was unsure about the repayment levels. He called and spoke to one of the George Banco Customer Service Representatives. They went through how George Banco worked and provided him with all the information he was looking for. All that was left was to put in an application to see if he would be eligible.

After filling in the application form he heard back fairly quickly that his credit record was such that he was not eligible for an unsecured personal loan. He would need the backing of a guarantor to proceed with the application.

Nasir’s mum heard about the situation and quickly offered herself as a guarantor for the application. George Banco assessed her application to be a guarantor, carrying out an affordability assessment as well as other checks. After these were positive George Banco  contacted Nasir’s mum to run though the commitment she was signing up for, including further discussion and highlighting of the affordability checks as well as the repayment schedule. Thankfully for Nasir his mum remained happy to back his application.

Two days later the funds were transferred to his mum’s back account which then allowed him to call the dentists and confirm the appointment.

Nasir was able to receive the immediate treatment and is scheduled to receive the remaining treatments on his dental plan.

If you are in need of quick access to funds that you don’t have to hand and have a bad credit rating then perhaps you should try George Banco to find out if you are eligible.

Please note – certain details have been changed for data protection reasons.