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Microsoft Is Buying LinkedIn – Sign Up Now!

So for those of you who may have not already heard, LinkedIn – the social media network for business professionals is going to become part of the Microsoft family. The service allows users to build a profile detailing their experience on the job market and create connections with other users based on their professional relationships.

The Microsoft purchase is therefore a pretty exciting prospect for users of the site – the social network now has a real opportunity to make it onto Windows 10 as a desktop application with all the access it can get to Microsoft’s extensive cloud services and features.

In layman’s terms it’ll be even easier to hook up your desktop apps, such as Outlook and Office in with your business profile, making for an easier more streamlined service for those of you who want more exposure to job contacts and potential clients.

Microsoft’s purchase is a landmark one – $26 billion was the final buying price for the website, a landmark which eclipsed Facebook’s $19 billion purchase of WhatsApp in 2014. We can expect that for such a high level of investment Microsoft is set to get the service as integrated as possible with Windows.

On LinkedIn’s side of the deal, the company is expected to retain its brand identity and feature set, with no autonomy being lost to industry giant Microsoft. But for LinkedIn chairman Reid Hoffman, the change of ownership brings an opportunity to revitalise the business which has become so integral to daily activity in the corporate world.

“I see incredible opportunity for our members and customers and look forward to supporting this new and combined business.”

said Mr. Hoffman, speaking on the deal alongside Microsoft big boss Satya Nadella. Both company heads seemed hugely excited about the upcoming combination of their services.

Now seems like a great opportunity to check out LinkedIn – head over to their website to build your profile and establish connections with your co-workers and clients today.