Lockdown Ideas to keep the Kids Happy Washing Car Image

We’re (hopefully) almost there having completed over 100 days since lockdown started in the UK, and for many people the kids have been stuck with nobody to teach them except us.

So in order to help our readers to come up with more lockdown ideas to keep them occupied and learning, we have found a good list containing some great ideas.

Some of the ideas even benefit us as well the children.

Washing the Family Car

We have had a lot of fun doing this over the last few months, and the four year old has actually become quite proficient. Washing the car can involve sponges, hosepipes, bubbles and a lot of water. Basically all the things that kids love, all wrapped up into one activity that benefits us as well as them. Obviously they cannot reach the roof or other high points on most vehicles, so getting them to do the bumpers and wheels whilst you whip round the remaining parts is a good idea. Letting them hold the hosepipe instils trust and responsibility that they are not normally used to.

One of the best parts for our little one was getting them to climb in the car whilst rinsing the car down by spraying water at the windows , them grinning profusely from the inside finding it highly entertaining.

Nature Trail – Scavenger Hunt

The next lockdown idea we have had a lot of fun with is completing a nature trail or scavenger hunt. This idea is actually far easier than you might think.

You simply create a list of 15 or 20 things that they can try and spot or collect from your back garden or local park area.

We have included some ideas in the following list:

  1. 2 different types of big leaf
  2. 2 different types of small leaf
  3. A flower petal
  4. Spot a bug or creepy crawly
  5. Find a twig
  6. Spot a bird
  7. Find a stone
  8. Find something white
  9. Find some Moss
  10. Find something round
  11. Find something scented
  12. Find a piece of litter
  13. Find something tall
  14. Find something short
  15. Find a seed or a berry

You can get as extravagant or elaborate as you feel like. It all depends on the age of your child.

Making a Bookmark

We found that this is a great way to get the kids to engage with books and to put down the ‘all too easy’ electronic device.

They had to read a few pages and then mark it by inserting the bookmark. It’s surprising how many pages they actually read in order to replace the bookmark over and over again.

Here’s a link to a short video tutorial of how to make some super cool Monster Corner Book Marks

Click here for the Monster Corner Book Mark Tutorial

Making the Dinner

This was a hugely successful activity that got the kids involved in actually preparing the food, which in turn encouraged them to eat more and try new things. Even if they didn’t eat them first time around after the third or fourth time they actually took a small nibble and ended up liking the food.

Making a Den

This activity can be as simple or elaborate as you can manage. We took the simplest of these ideas and built a small fort using the sofa cushions. Then we just draped a bed sheet over the top to create the roof and held it in place with pegs. Our little one spent ages playing inside it, which allowed us to get on with household chores and activities that we would otherwise not have been able to do.

We hope these lockdown ideas give you some sort of inspiration to keep your kids happy and engaged during these tough times.

Hang in there as it hopefully won’t be too much longer before we can get back to some form of normality.  

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