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Ideas on How to Save Money with Your Mobile Phone

Mobile phones have grown a huge amount in popularity in the last couple of decades. In the current situation we are using them more than ever. They have become part of the fabric of modern society and most people now own one. In our latest blog we are taking a look at how to save money on the cost of your mobile phone.

According to figures released by Statista, a market leading provider of market and consumer data, over 90% of people in the UK use a mobile phone, and there are a huge range of devices and plans you can choose from. Some can be expensive but others can be far more cost effective if you are savvy and know where to look.

To start with, if you are looking to get a new mobile phone you will have the choice of getting a pay monthly plan or buying the phone outright and getting a SIM only plan.

Provided you pass the usual credit checks, in order to get you up and running straight away it is cheaper initially to agree to a monthly plan. However, in many cases, in the long run it is cheaper overall to buy the phone outright and get a far cheaper SIM only monthly plan.

If you already have a phone and you are coming to the end of your contract then, provided your phone is still in good working condition, you can opt for a SIM only plan. They range anywhere from £4 per month up to well in excess of £50 per month. It all depends on your usage and needs. The main point is that instead of having another new handset you can reduce your monthly costs by a large amount by going SIM only.

If you are sure that you want to get a new phone and remain in a contract with a provider then before you simply agree to a new contract you can call them and ask to speak to the disconnections department. They are a specialist team whose primary role is to retain as many customers as they possibly can. They are the team that get you the best deals and they can get you access to the cheapest tariffs.

You only get the chance to use them when you coming out of your old contract. Once you agree to a new contract you will not be able to call them in a month or two and ask for a better deal. You will then be locked into your new contract and will have to see it through before speaking to them again.

Another strategy is to not always accept their first offer. In other words, haggle. On many occasions they will go away and find you an even better offer than the first one they offered.

Don’t feel that you have to leave if you don’t want to at this point. If they say that that’s the best that they can do then all you need to do is say that you need to think about it. Then call back and agree to the best plan you were offered.

The last point to think about is ‘how much data and minutes do I actually need?’ Ensure you don’t go for a contract that offers you a huge amount of calls and data if you don’t generally use them. Check what you use before you have the conversation with your chosen provider so you can get a better deal with a plan that has the right amount of data for you specifically. There’s little point in paying for an unlimited data plan if you only use between 2GB and 4GB per month.

We hope these tips help you make the right choice for you, and also help show you how to save money when you are next looking to change or upgrade your mobile phone.