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Easy Ways You Can Help Reduce Plastic Waste

Our latest blog looks at a huge problem for every form of life on the planet. We list a few ways you can help to reduce plastic waste in the fight against pollution.

Plastic is awful. It’s everywhere. It’s choking our hedges, poisoning our seas and decimating wildlife. Current trends in both industry and society are putting the planet on course for a serious plastic problem, and there’s not all that much being done to clean it up

Change starts at home and it starts small but once underway it’s hard to derail. So with that in mind here are some serious, no nonsense ways you can take the first very minimalistic steps towards doing your part, that won’t affect your lifestyle too much.

Packaging And Carrying

Bring your own carrier bags, use woven fabric or fibre ones, keep a stock and don’t throw them away.

  • Bring your own carrier bags, use woven fabric or fibre ones, keep a stock and don’t throw them away.
  • Consider dining out as opposed to getting takeaway which comes in polystyrene.
  • Buy vegetables loose at supermarkets to avoid using those small plastic bags.
  • Use Tupperware instead of buying Clingfilm and sandwich bags.
  • Buy and use your own paper bags or newspaper at stores which let you weigh out quantities.
  • Buy in bulk instead of small amounts with individual bags.
  • Use existing plastic bags to bag up recycling when it goes out.
  • Bring your own thermos for coffee instead of a takeout cup. Shops will fill it for you.

Reusing And Recycling

  • Refill plastic bottles and keep them in the fridge for cold summer water.
  • Bottles also work as plant pots, storage containers for dry food, serving bottles for salad dressing or sauce, or anything else that needs a container.
  • Use old ice cream containers and tubs to freeze food in instead of freezer bags.
  • Old containers can also work as lunchboxes in the same way as Tupperware.
  • Turn plastic scraps into art or collages to raise litter awareness.
  • Collect recycling together in large quantities before putting it out.
  • Make sure plastic bottles are deflated with the lids on to save space.
  • Take old electronics such as telephones and keyboards to a local recycling centre.

Innovation And Ideas

  • Get your children’s toys second hand or try wooden ones
  • Use glass jars to store things in as much as possible.
  • Try edible single use cutlery for picnics and on the go, it really exists.
  • Stop buying physical copies of albums and movies and TV shows to reduce box waste.
  • Buy metal or paper straws and cut out plastic straws entirely.
  • Go litter picking on a local beach – ask around and there may be a group session.
  • Tell your friends and share ideas and techniques.
  • Create a zero waste Facebook group for your local area.

Easy Ways You Can Help Reduce Plastic Waste Image 2Some of these steps seem more extreme than others, but if you can afford to and have the time you can put yourself at the forefront of the fight against plastic pollution. There’s a lot more we can do than this and it’s pretty hard to go entirely ‘plastic free’, but spearheading a movement sets the ball rolling.

Until better recycling and clean-up methods, as well as new materials arrive, we’re going to have try our best in a world which isn’t going to give up its plastic addiction soon. Every bit helps, every piece of plastic waste captured may save a marine life. Do it for the turtles. Do it for the planet.