Guarantor Loan Needed To Furnish New Flat

This story is for illustration only. Characters and events are not real.

Our latest loan application example looks at Jenna, who needed to find the money for a deposit for a flat rental.  In her early thirties, Jenna has recently become single and has been staying at a friend’s after breaking up with her long term boyfriend, which was far from ideal.

Jenna had previously been living with her long term partner for the past five years. They had been together for a couple of years prior to that, so when things started to go bad in their relationship, it took Jenna a little by surprise. She was left with very little time to get her belongings and herself out of his flat and into somewhere new.

Jenna had a small amount of savings but like many of us, was living very much hand to mouth. Most months her wages were nearly gone by the month end, mostly spent on utility bills, rent and food. She had now spent a few months at her friend Beatrice’s house and had been able to save from her last few pay cheques. It was enough for the deposit but wouldn’t give her anything to furnish the property.

Beatrice was in no hurry to get rid of Jenna, in fact she quite liked her staying but ultimately both of them knew Jenna needed her own space in order to get back on her feet both financially and for her own wellbeing.

Jenna really wasn’t sure what to do and her only option at the time was to extend her stay at Beatrice’s house until she could afford to make the move properly. Beatrice offered to lend Jenna the money but Jenna point blank refused to borrow from her friends, as she didn’t want to risk the friendship over financial matters.

A few more weeks passed when Beatrice heard from a friend about a loans company advertising on the TV that might be able to help Jenna. The pair went online that evening and did some research about guarantor loans. They found the suggested company and also found a few more worth considering. Jenna was fairly sceptical about online offers so started researching the reviews surrounding the guarantor loan companies they had short listed.

After a bit of further consideration, Jenna settled on George Banco to make a loan application. She went through the online form that evening and in a few minutes had completed the application. Jenna received a response the next day informing her that (as expected) she would need a guarantor for the application. Beatrice, who was sat with her at the time, insisted that she wanted to be the guarantor, after which Jenna finally agreed and added Beatrice’s details.

Due to Jenna’s circumstances George Banco needed to perform an additional identity check under her original address to ensure they had the full details but apart from that, Beatrice was accepted as her guarantor and had the funds transferred to her account ready to forward on to Jenna within 48 hours.

Jenna was finally able to start the process of finding herself a new flat and more importantly her independence.

If you are in similar circumstances and feel that you could benefit from a guarantor loan then click here and head to our online guarantor loan application form to make your application.