Guarantor Loan For A Garden Greenhouse

Drew and Mary are a couple based in Newbury, Berkshire. They had been through a rough time over the previous few years and were in need of a guarantor loan for a garden greenhouse to help them become more self-sustainable.

The couple had both been very active throughout their lives until two years ago when Mary suffered a fall that saw her mobility vastly reduced. She was cycling to work when she fell off her bike and broke her shoulder.  Ever since then she has not been able to use her right arm nearly as much as she could previously. According to medical specialists, it was just a side effect of the accident and nothing more could be done.

Sadly, this meant that Mary had to manage her career a little differently to accommodate the new limitations to her movement. She was a very hands-on stable manager looking after the horses on a local farm. Her husband Drew worked as a manager at the local supermarket. Together they brought in a reasonable household income, however, with Mary having to take a step back from the levels of management she used to be able to handle they knew they had to scale back their lives to match.

Unfortunately for the couple, whilst Mary was incapacitated following the accident they started defaulting on a number of repayments, which started to negatively affect their credit score. The couple were completely unaware of this lapse but with two credit cards and a bank loan outstanding the debt soon built up.

Once they found out they immediately contacted the relevant creditors and started to just about manage the repayments.  They knew moving forwards that they couldn’t continue like this for much longer.

Their immediate thoughts went towards reducing their outgoings and becoming as efficient with their income as they could. This included food. They loved their food and wanted to be able to produce their own by becoming more self-sufficient, which in turn would help save towards their overall costs.

They had always dreamt of having their own veggies and herbs in a kitchen garden but had never previously been able to find the time. So they started planning the layout using the space they had in the back yard and realised they would need a greenhouse to grow a large number of items in the British climate.

As soon as the couple starting looking into the price of new greenhouses they soon realised that they were going to need financial help, especially with the debt repayments hanging over their heads. Of course the first place they looked to was their bank, and despite the couple having been with them for nearly 20 years were, as expected, turned down on the basis of recent bad credit history.

Unsure of what to do next they went home to have a think. It was later that night that whilst they were round their life-long friend’s house for dinner, their friends Maggie and Steve, who also owned the farm Mary worked at, suggested they lend the couple the money.  They offered enough to pay off the outstanding debt and order the greenhouse they needed.

Drew and Mary thanked Maggie and Steve for the generous offer and said that they needed time to think about it.

A couple of days later Mary went back to see Maggie. She thanked her again and explained that they didn’t feel right borrowing that amount from a friend. Maggie was disappointed but ultimately she understood.

The week following, Maggie called Mary and asked if she had seen the adverts for guarantor loans and whether they had considered this as an option. Maggie made it clear that they would be delighted to act as guarantor for Mary and Drew should they be needed. Mary agreed to speak to Drew when he got home from work later that day to see what he thought.

Drew surprisingly thought that they may as well have a look as they were quickly running out of other options. So that evening Mary initially put in an application to a competitor of George Banco. The couple were accepted with Steve acting as the guarantor for a loan but the interest rate was higher than they had been led to expect. So before accepting the loan they did a bit of shopping around. It was at that point that Mary and Drew discovered George Banco. George Banco was able to offer a far better interest rate on the same amount and similar length of time for the repayments.

After a bit of deliberation Mary and Drew went with George Banco for their guarantor loan for the purchase of a garden greenhouse and to pay off the remaining debt.

It has now been over 6 months since they received the money from Maggie and Steve. We understand that the guarantor loan for a garden greenhouse was the best option for Mary and Drew and they are overjoyed to be out from under the weight of that financial burden. They are even happier with their perfect kitchen garden, which is growing very nicely.

If you have suffered a bad credit history and need access to large amounts of funds that you cannot find elsewhere then perhaps you should give George Banco a try.