Guarantor Loan For A Car To Help Mark

Guarantor Loan For A Car To Help Mark From Birmingham Start Rebuilding His Life

Mark is a 25 year old from Birmingham who needed a £2,000 guarantor loan for a car to help him start rebuilding his life. He came to George Banco for help when no-one else would consider him.

Mark had recently sat down with his mum Sarah and his mum’s brother, Uncle Fred. This was to put a plan in place to help him turn his life around. Mark had been a bit of a tear away in his younger days and that trouble had followed him into his early adulthood. Mark had spent a lot of time unemployed or doing small, but short term jobs just to keep his head above water.

Mark not only found trouble in his academic and working life but he had also neglected his financial affairs. He had repeatedly gone over his overdraft limit and often he didn’t pay the charges for long periods.

Mark had finally reached a point of his life where the friends that he used to hang around with had moved on with their lives. They were getting homes and starting families, but Mark was still at home living with his mum with little or no prospects for the future. He knew that he needed to change but wasn’t sure how.

Mark turned to his mum for help who said that they needed to sit down and put together a plan of action to get him back on the right path. They listed everything they could think of that Mark felt he wanted to do. They then wrote down a list of the things he would need to do in order to achieve those goals.

One of the things that kept coming up when they were talking about what he needed to do was to sort out his finances. In order to rent a flat he needed a job with a regular income. To have holidays he needed savings. The list went on, with many of the answers coming back to finances.

Over a period of a few months Mark put a lot of effort in to securing a job, and one that he liked. He was on the bottom rung of the company ladder but at least he now had prospects. Mark was taking the bus to and from work every day on account of not having transport of his own. On the odd occasion that he had to be in early his mum was able to run him in.

A few months into the job his boss came to him and told Mark that due to his effort and enthusiasm he was being considered for a small promotion. This would mean better money and even a few company benefits. The issue was that Mark needed to be in early every day. His mum wasn’t in a position to do the run daily so the only option was to look in to getting a vehicle himself.

Neither Mark nor his mum Sarah had the money to immediately get their hands on to purchase a car or van. Sarah had a good job and could probably save up over a few months but the job wouldn’t be there for Mark after that length of time. She then secretly investigated getting a loan from her bank for Mark and came to Mark with the idea. Mark hated it. He knew he needed to access a few thousand pounds and wouldn’t be eligible himself, but didn’t want his mum to take the burden on her shoulders.

There were still a few days left before Mark had to let his boss know what he wanted to do but was running out of ideas and time.

The next day Sarah had a conversation with her brother, Mark’s Uncle Fred. They were discussing how well Mark had been doing over recent months when Sarah brought up the transport issue. Fred was a huge social media user and had seen several posts by George Banco about other customer examples who had taken out a loan to help their situation. He immediately went on Twitter, found the @GeorgeBanco company Twitter page and showed it to Sarah, who in turn talked to Mark about the idea of a guarantor loan for a car later that day.

Mark felt a lot more comfortable about this idea, so they sat down that evening, went online and put in an application for a £2000 guarantor loan. The idea was for Sarah to act as a guarantor on the loan, but Mark would make all the repayments. This plan allowed Mark to purchase a low cost vehicle with insurance and be in control of making the repayments himself.

Together they went through the figures and worked out that he could comfortably afford the repayments, and Sarah could easily afford to step in on his behalf should Mark not be able to make the repayment. Sarah went ahead with the guarantor loan agreement.

Mark purchased a small van to use to get to and from work, as well as using it to get to outdoor locations with his bike during the weekends and holidays. Mark has been making the repayments as agreed and has also achieved an additional promotion at work.

If you are in a similar position to Mark and need to access to anything between £1,000 and £7,500 then use the simple loan application form to things started.