Getting Your 5 A Day In The Cheapest Way Orange Juice Image

Getting Your 5 A Day In The Cheapest Way

A while ago the UK government came up with a healthy eating scheme that runs along the lines of ‘eat five portions of fruit and vegetables per day to be healthy’. This is all well and good, but we live in a world where unhealthy food is far less expensive than fruit and veg – crisps and snacks being the biggest example.

So just what products give the best nutrition value for the price, and could you manage to get your entire five a day for a whole week for under £10? Let’s give it a try.

Over at the NHS website they have a well-defined size for portions that’s pretty easy to interpret – one adult fruit and veg portion weighs 80g – pretty simple, but how can we look at it from a budgeting perspective? Well, as you may have already guessed, buying large, single exotic fruits isn’t going to work. It’s just too expensive. So let’s look at products from closer to home.

Getting Your 5 A Day In The Cheapest Way Carrots ImageYour average carrot is said to weigh around 122g – this is a good start. Eat one a day with or without dip and there’s your first of the five. A 1kg bag of carrots costs around 50 pence, and they keep for weeks, so to do the maths that’s around 8 carrots for 50p – enough for one a week, or four days if you have two at a time.

Your next vegetable on a budget is simple – frozen peas. Weighing in at around a pound for a kilogram, these will also do the trick and last the entire week or at least ten servings. It’s tricky to do much with frozen peas but the best and cheapest meal they accompany is fried rice, another cheap staple meal.

Two down, three to go – and our next one might surprise you. It’s raisins or sultanas. While not the healthiest due to high sugar content, they can be mixed up with bulk packs of nuts and serve as your go-to snack for anywhere. A kilogram bag can range in price between £1.50 and £3, so shop around – once you get them, a 30g serving counts as part of your 5 a day.

Our penultimate entry is as easy as having breakfast – a single glass of orange juice. The cheapest OJ goes for as low as around 50-70p per litre for value range juice, with 150ml counting as a portion, so just enough for the week.

Our last entry combines the sweetness of fruit with the value of frozen veg – it’s a bag of frozen sweetcorn to go with your peas. Now, it’s not really that interesting but on its own sweetcorn makes a passable snack, and the 1kg bag goes for just upwards of a pound. Have it on its own, or mixed with peas when you use them.

So, our final tally, accounting for the most expensive as opposed to the cheapest (for honesty) is £7 to get your five a day for a week. Now, this could be easily be done for £5 but we’re being realistic. However, this does leave some bits and pieces left over, so they could easily go through to the next week. Try it yourself!

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