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Ideas to Help You Get Through This Global Pandemic

We are going through a period in history that has never been experienced before in most of our lifetimes. There are many periods in history that have been extremely trying like two world wars, various economic recessions etc. however, none of those have affected the world in the way that this coronavirus pandemic has. That’s why we are looking at a few ideas to help you get through this global pandemic in one piece.

So keeping the above in mind, it means that no one person has the right answer as to how people should feel in this current climate. Those other periods of history were all very serious, but none came close to the one that we are all going through right now.

So what can you do to keep yours and your family’s minds and bodies happy and healthy through this lockdown period? We have been scouring the internet to see what all the leading authorities have been telling us, and trying our best to stick to those techniques but… unfortunately these leading authorities instruct us to live a perfect life in lockdown, which aren’t always possible!

Examples like maintaining a routine, trying to eat healthily without too much junk food and undertaking a small amount of exercise to burn off a few of the calories we ingest every day. These are all good suggestions, but just remember that you don’t have to be perfect. Many people are struggling, so if you are feeling the pressure, then rest assured that you are not alone!

What we have found that has worked for many of the people we have spoken to, and are actually achievable after two months of being in lockdown are:

1 – Trying to stick to a vaguely regular sleeping pattern is one thing that was found to be fairly achievable and helps. Heading to bed within an hour of your planned sleeping schedule, and then doing your best to try and get up again around the same time the following day. Obviously if you have children then it’s more than likely that they’ll have you up anyway.

Once you are up, a good idea is to get dressed, as it sets a positive mind-set that can then help push you to get things done throughout the rest of the day.

2 – Planning meals and sticking to that plan so you are not constantly in and out of the fridge snacking all day. This one also helps you budget more accurately and will ultimately help you stretch your budget on your weekly or monthly food spend.

3 – Plan and achieve one piece of exercise daily or every other day. We’re not talking about an Olympic level work out, just an achievable walk around your local block, or to the park and back. On the days that you are not doing the daily walk then just a few sit-ups or press ups will still help. It won’t turn you into an athlete but it will help keep your mind focussed by knowing that you achieved something what you set out to do.

4 – Plan a weekly treat for yourself or your family. Something like having a pizza or a burger on a Friday in front of a movie. If you set it as a plan it makes it that little bit easier to tell yourself or your loved ones why they can’t have it five times a week.

5 – Try and do your best to reduce the screen time that both you and (if you have them) your little ones are having. When we scroll through other people’s Facebook or Instagram profiles all day it can sometimes look like they are living the perfect life, when that simply isn’t always the case. They are only posting the positive stuff and can also be going through exactly the same negative situation as you. Reducing screen time is a tough one but it’s more about doing the best you can rather making it a hard and fast rule.

As with everything we are all going through, these are ideas to aim or plan for, but don’t be upset if you don’t achieve them every day. None of us are perfect.

This unsettling period of time will eventually pass and life will start to return to some form of normality. Just remember that you are not alone. It’s OK not to be OK. There are hundreds of thousands of people suffering in similar ways.

If you are struggling, then perhaps you can call a friend or a family member to talk about your thoughts and concerns. You never know, you might unknowingly be doing them a favour.

We hope that the above ideas to help you get through this global pandemic work for you like they did for the people we spoke to. Stay strong and stay safe!