George cutting Ribbon Beckington School Sponsorship

George Banco Helps with Sponsorship for Beckington First School Playground Equipment

On Friday May 5th George Thomas, Director of George Banco Ltd, attended Beckington Church of England First School to help with the official unveiling of the new equipment for the school playground.

George Banco Ltd is based in a thriving little village called Beckington near Frome, Somerset. It came to light that the Beckington Church of England First School was in need of new playground equipment for the children, so alongside another local company, The Gym Company, they decided to help by sponsoring the school to help achieve its goal.

The playground is a vital part of playtime for all of the children at Beckington First School and sadly the previous equipment installed back in 2006 had seen better days. It was also very limited in terms of design and complexity. Providing a challenge to children plays a key part in their development, especially during break time.

The school knew before looking that there was no room in the current budgets for additional spending on equipment of this nature, so funding would have to be sourced elsewhere. The school became aware that grants are available for worthwhile educational causes and so put in an application back in October 2016. In January of 2017 Claire Chantler, Headmistress of Beckington First School, received the great news that their application had been successful and they were to receive £10,000 from the Big Lottery Fund.

The Big Lottery Fund is National Lottery Funded and since 2004 has awarded over £9 billion to projects supporting health, education and charitable purposes.

As part of the process, the children attending Beckington First School were lucky enough to be able to peruse the catalogues provided by the suppliers, and help develop a wish list of requirements. This ranged from a more appropriate (and fun) slide to the most important item on their list, the monkey bars.

Kids playing on new equipment schoolThe school obtained three quotes to ensure they were getting the best deal. Once the quotes were received the school then knew exactly how much more would need to be raised, on top of the Big Lottery Fund, to complete the project.

When news of this arrived with George Banco it was an easy decision to support this worthwhile cause, and alongside The Gym Company agreed to sponsor the school for the remaining amount.

Kids queueing nicely beckington schoolThe unveiling was a huge success. The children were literally lining up to watch George cut the ribbon, officially marking the completion of this part of the project. It was also their trigger to excitedly and noisily start playing on the equipment.

Claire Chantler, Headmistress Beckington First School commented,

“Healthy lifestyles and keeping fit and active are very important to us at Beckington.  We encourage children to take part in a range of different sporting activities and have had lots of success with gymnastics, tag rugby, football and athletics.  The playground equipment gives children the opportunity to explore and challenge themselves physically while playing creatively.  They are also interacting socially as well as having lots of fun!  Children are able to take risks and develop their confidence which helps them to feel good about themselves and this then impacts positively on their learning in the classroom.

Thank-you for helping us to improve the playtime provision for our children at Beckington.”

George Thomas, Director George Banco also commented,

“We are always extremely grateful to be asked to support our local village and community; this project presented to us at Beckington School was a fantastic opportunity for George Banco to help improve and develop the local school facilities. We hope this will be the first of many local school projects we can be involved with!”