Fundraising in November Dorothy House Hospice Care Logo 2017

George Banco Fundraising In November 2017

November has been a busy time for everyone at George Banco. It has been all hands on deck for the past few weeks which hasn’t left the team much time for fundraising. This didn’t stop them though. Due to operational reasons, they were not able to take part in specific events this November like Children In Need, however, the team still insisted on being able to do something so they all agreed to take part in mufti days on Fridays throughout the month.

Mufti days are a small tradition within organisations whereby on an agreed day staff are allowed to wear casual clothes in place of their usual office wear. Those that take part agree to pay a small amount of cash that the company can then put towards the charity of their choice.

The cash was split between the Children In Need 2017 and our chosen company charity Dorothy House Hospice Care.

Dorothy House Hospice Care is the lesser known of these two charitable organisations and they are based in and around the Bath area. They consist of three main sites. Two of those are the outreach centres in Trowbridge and Peasedown St John. The third is the hospice itself based at Winsley.

Dorothy House also provide support to those requiring palliative or life limiting care at home as well. So as you can imagine they need all the help they can get to fund the needs of patients whose quality of life would be markedly reduced if it weren’t for organisations like Dorothy House.

If you would like to know more about either of the above charities then you can read all about them on their respective websites.

You too can get involved in fund raising for Dorothy House by taking part in any of their upcoming events or by purchasing products from their website. They even sell Christmas Cards in the online shop. So if you haven’t purchased this year’s Christmas Cards then there is still time to get some and help the charity.

On a final note, a few members of the George Banco team took part in the recent Dorothy House event: The Santa and Elf Run which was on Sunday 3rd December 2017. We will be reporting back soon as to how the team got on, so check back soon for an update.