George Banco - 5 signs spring has arrived
George Banco - 5 signs spring has arrived

Five Signs Spring Has Arrived

  1. People Are Mowing Their Lawns Again

This is by far the most noticeable, the sun brings out the grass and the grass is dry enough to cut. The smell of cut grass is synonymous with Spring, as all over the country people drag out their lawn mowers. If you haven’t considered it already, then maybe now’s the time. Tis the season, after all.

  1. Getting Stuck At Work On Sunny Days

One of the worst parts about Spring arriving is looking out of your office window and wishing you were outside, especially if there are plenty of people out there doing just that. Plan accordingly to make sure you’re not stuck covering an extra shift for someone else during an unseasonable scorcher of a day.

  1. Summer Fad Diets

This time of year everyone starts to think about getting in shape for that perfect Summer bod. This prompts the usual flood of Summer fad diets, some of which work, but most of which seem kind of crazy. The tried and tested method of less food and more exercise is usually the best way to go if you are looking to get in shape without going to any extreme lengths.

  1. Digging Through Your Clothes To Find Shorts

At some point you’ll need your shorts again, because who wants to be stuck in jeans for any longer then necessary. If you’ve been smart they should be underneath all your trousers in your chest of drawers, however we find that shorts manage to hide in the oddest places. Watch out for mounds of clothes if someone you know is after their pair.

  1. Garden Parties

Out of all the Spring activities that come to mind, the early in the year garden party is always our favourite – chilled drinks, a barbecue, a sausage in a bun with the neighbours. Nothing could be more welcome after a wet and rainy Winter. For all you patio surfers out there we hope the mild weather holds and things stay dry – there’s nothing worse than damp hot dogs!