Eat Out to Help Out Image

The government recently announced that they would be piloting a scheme to help the country kick start the economy back into recovery by getting people out and spending in bars, pubs and restaurants again.

So in our latest blog we take a look at the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme, what it involves and what is doesn’t.

The scheme started on the 3rd of August and will run until the 31st of August. It will allow people to get a 50% discount on their meal, up to a value of £10 per person.

This means that if you order a £5 meal you will get £2.50 off, if you order a £20 meal that you will get £10 off but if you spend £30 on a meal that you will also only get £10 discount per person.

A more complicated example would be that if you spend £12 and your friend spends £29 the total would be £41, and because there were two of you, you would receive a total of £20 off your meal using the maximum £10 per person limit.

This scheme does not include alcohol, only non-alcoholic drinks and food at participating venues. And it is only available from Monday to Wednesday so it does not include Thursdays and Fridays or the weekend. It does include packaged snacks and soft drinks provided they are to be consumed on the premises.

The idea is to drum up business on the quieter days in order to help keep those businesses afloat during these uncertain times.

The discount scheme does apply for children and groups of any size. The businesses that are involved will simply claim the money back from the government and they will have the money back in their bank account within five working days.

Anyone wishing to use the scheme will not have to show any form of voucher or paper work, you simply pick a restaurant or venue that is taking part in the scheme and the discount will automatically be used when you come to pay for your meal.

The discount can also be used along-side other discounts or offers that are in place at the particular venue you are using and you can use the discount as many times as you like. There are no limits on the number of times it can be used. So in theory, you could eat at multiple venues on the same day and continually claim the discount.

The scheme will not apply to any food or drink that is to be consumed away from the premises or as part of a private party event or function, like a wedding or christening.

There are a huge amount of businesses that are taking part in this scheme, including both big named brand outlets such as Zizzi, Pizza Express, Nando’s and Mcdonalds, to the smaller independents eateries on our very own high streets.

Many places that are taking part in the ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme will have a sticker posted in their windows.