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Earth Day World Image

Earth Day: You Can Save the Planet and Save your Pennies

This Earth Day we’ve decided to compile a short, but honest, list of the ways you can save your pennies whilst making an environmental impact as well. We can all work to reduce the harm to the Earth’s creatures and its environment without making major changes to our daily routine – through simple choices.

Cut Down On Packaging and Plastics

One of the easiest things to do for the environment is cut down on packaging and plastic by taking your own bags out shopping or even just picking up a cardboard box to carry your goods home in from the supermarket. Any waste that could be used is not really waste at all – reuse and recycle as much as you possibly can.

Recycle Where You Can

Recycling sounds a lot like cycling – and for the short trips consider a bicycle. They can be found relatively cheaply and the next step up for a bike owner is getting to grips with bike maintenance. There are hundreds of broken and discarded bikes around and one of the coolest things one can learn is how to patch them up and even sell them on or provide repair services for a small fee.


Of course, another way to turn waste into something useful is to start composting at home. It’s a little difficult for those who don’t have the space but often rewarding because you can use your home made compost to grow your own fruit and vegetables. Speaking of growing, did you know that by simple planting the ends of veg bought at the supermarket you can get food absolutely free?

Consider a Diet Change

A more extreme choice for some is to change their diet all together – the meat industry has a huge impact on the environment and animal lovers the world over are electing to abandon meat and animal products altogether in the name of planet Earth. For some this is obviously a difficult transition, but one of the perks is that you may end up spending a bit less if you switch your diet to a vegetable based one.

Whatever you’re doing this Earth day just remember we have only one planet, and it’s our job to make sure we leave it the way we found it when we inherited it from the last generation. Have fun and keep the Earth safe.