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Couple Benefit from Unsecured Personal Loan to Restore Vintage VW Camper Van

Janet and Ben had been looking for a way to fund the restoration of their beloved camper van, an old and very rare 1960’s VW Camper Van left to them by Janet’s parents a few years ago. They had always intended to get it back on the road but financially it had never been the right time.

Both Janet and Ben had always been fairly good with their personal finances except for a period approximately five years ago when Ben was made redundant from his job and they started to struggle on just Janet’s wage alone. Ben made a huge mistake by putting some of the utility payments on his credit card and the total soon built up. Unfortunately, despite attending a large number of interviews for new jobs, none of them came to anything, so Ben’s plan of being employed by the time he needed to start paying back the credit card didn’t happen.

This unfortunate series of events saw Ben’s credit score plummet from above average to being seen as a financial risk on his credit history.

Ben did eventually find employment but far too late to pay the credit card payments in the usual way. He ended up speaking to a debt advice service in order to agree repayment of the outstanding debt over a period of time.

Ben finished paying back the outstanding debt nearly 2 years ago and both Janet and Ben felt it was the right time to focus on getting their VW camper back on the road. This move would then allow them to have a much needed holiday. They would be able to fulfil their dream of touring the UK in their beloved camper. Not only that but it would free up valuable space in their garage where the camper had been stored for years.

They had been in touch with a number of VW restoration specialists who had provided them with quotes for the restoration of their 1960’s Split Screen Camper. It was going to take approximately £7,000 to get the van fixed and in a usable state, so the couple started exploring their options. They knew there was very little hope going to the high street banks due to the previous glitch in their otherwise healthy credit history. So they started investigating alternative options, one of those options was George Banco.

Janet put in an application for a personal loan and heard back later that day from George Banco stating that she would need a guarantor to support her application because her income wasn’t sufficient to make the proposed loan affordable. She was informed that George Banco need to be sure that all loans they agree to are affordable to the applicant. Janet and Ben had a think and spoke to a couple of relatives about their situation. Both Janet’s uncle and Ben’s parents knew that the couple were financially stable with healthy monthly earnings and could easily afford the repayments, so his father agreed to act as guarantor.  Janet and Ben agreed for Ben’s father to act as the guarantor for their application and completed the application the following day.

George Banco customer service representatives went through the affordability checks and made sure Ben’s father was fully aware of the agreement he was making with George Banco before completing the application.

The loan was agreed and transferred to Ben’s father’s account the following day and the van was officially booked in for the work three weeks afterward. Work on the van was completed just before the summer heatwave kicked in, and Janet and Ben were able to enjoy their first holiday in it with a tour of Wales.

They have been out in it nearly every weekend throughout the summer according to Ben, even the wet ones!

If you have had financial issues in the past and are in need of an unsecured personal loan like Janet and Ben, then perhaps consider George Banco. Just complete the simple online application form and you can find out in a short amount of time if George Banco can help you too.

Please Note – Certain details have been changed for data protection purposes